Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Air America brings it all back home

Air America Media continues to reorganize and bring everything in-house, and their latest move is to create its own advertising sales division.

On Wednesday (May 27), the progressive talk radio network announced the end of its relationship with Westwood One, which formerly handled the network's national ad sales. In its place, is the creation of AAM Network Sales, an in-house sales division.

Recent moves by the network include taking over affiliate relations and the creation of a seperate division, AAM Syndication, which will handle shows outside its normal progressive talk fare.

AAM Network Sales has offices in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles, with the company’s chief revenue officer, Scott Elberg, spearheading this initiative.

“I’m excited to continue to develop Air America into a multimedia organization with new shows, and now a sales division to accompany our newly-announced syndication division,” said Bennett Zier, chief executive officer, Air America Media.

“We’re confident that our strong roster of talent, including Montel Williams, Rachel Maddow, Ron Reagan, Lionel and Ron Kuby, will be an appealing buy to advertisers,” said Elberg.

The recent moves are part of an effort by Air America to increase its affiliate base and present a more attractive package for potential advertisers. Air America Media CEO Bennett Zier feels that these moves can help the network expand its affiliate base "into triple digits."

Next on the Air America makeover list: A relaunched web site.


raccoonradio said...

Prog talk had aired in Akron OH area on WARF 1350 ("Radio Free Ohio") and I think also on WJMP 1520. Progtalk fans are still waiting for its return; they missed an opportunity just now, as WARF moved from Sporting News Radio to Fox Sports and WJMP which had been FSR switches to political talk. But it will come from the right side of the aisle not the left: Ingraham, Savage, Mancow.

ltr said...

Oh boy! More raccoon droppings!

Yeah, we know the drill. Some little tidbit that ol' Bob gleamed off Radio Info, astroturfed over every relevant blog and message board that can be found. You can probably find this one word-for-word at the typical raccoon hellhole known as Free Republic.

And it usually can be found here, though typically it has nothing to do with the original entry. Usually, it's some ridiculous B.S. spin about how much better wingnut talk is doing than liberal talk. As if raccoonradio is so insecure he has to boast. Zzzzzz....

As for WJMP, who cares? Sure, they ran libtalk for a minute or two years ago, before Clear Channel jumped into the game. But WJMP ain't much of a prize. The station's signal, a daytimer at that, barely even reaches Akron. That is what has killed it in every one of its previous formats. This station will never get ratings, no matter what.

As for their new format, low-tier talk for a low-tier signal.

And saavy listeners with a good radio can hear liberal talk on 1520AM after the sun goes down. That's when WWKB in Buffalo bleeds through. And it probably comes in better in Akron than WJMP ever will.

raccoonradio said...

Raccoon droppings for the nation's capital: says AAR is back in DC on AM 1050
The LMA begins later this month and puts all of Air America Media’s lineup – including Rachel Maddow, Montel Williams, Lionel and Ron Reagan – on the air in the nation’s capital. The 1050 frequency was once the home of Bonneville’s Federal News Radio, and it’s currently simulcasting all-news market leader WTOP-FM (103.5). Air America will re-brand it with new call letters, along with a new progressive talk lineup"

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