Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Hartmann moves to Dial Global

Thom Hartmann's radio show, currently syndicated by Air America, will be handled by Dial Global starting March 1. Dial Global and Hartmann's management firm, WYD Media Management, announced the change yesterday. Dial Global will provide both advertising sales and affiliate representation for show.

"With the addition of Thom Hartmann, Dial Global solidifies its position as the premiere content provider of the very best progressive talk radio. Dial Global now offers 12 hours of proven, winning progressive talk shows. We’re delighted to work with Thom and WYD," said Dial Global senior vice president for news/talk programming Amy Bolton.

"We are excited to grow the program with the folks at Dial Global. We are especially excited to have Amy Bolton and her expanded affiliate sales team work with our show to increase affiliates around the nation," said Hartmann.

"It is great to be reunited with so many friends and former colleagues who are at Dial Global. In a tough economic environment we are pleased to be working with such an aggressive team on all aspects of our business," said WYD's Ron Hartenbaum.

Dial Global currently handles syndication for liberal talkers such as Bill Press, Stephanie Miller and Ed Schultz.

The move appears to be a crushing blow to Air America, as it sees itself being further squeezed by it's much bigger rival. Following several other exoduses over the past few years, Hartmann had become arguably one of the network's most notable talents.

Air America hasn't commented on this, and nothing is known about any pending lineup changes. Quite possibly, Hartmann may even stay on the roster, but that's the strange landscape that is radio.


Braised Cod said...

With Thom being bumped from Air America's "flagship" station, WWRL, this is no surprise. I hope to hear Thom somewhere on the dial in the NYC soon.

NYCLib said...

Thom has a Sunday "Best of...." show om WWRL from 7-8am. However, this show appears nowhere on the schedule and I caught it by just having the radio tuned to the station at that time. It would be nice to have Thom back on NYC radio on a more consistent basis.

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