Tuesday, February 03, 2009

XM's America Left changes lineup

An astute XM listener dropped a line wondering why he heard Alex Bennett's Sirius Left morning show on XM's America Left channel yesterday, in place of Stephanie Miller.

From the email:

XM-167 at the moment is airing Alex Bennett instead of a live Stephanie Miller, in normal XM fashion no update on their website. As of noon though Ed Schultz is on so doesn't appear that XM has taken Sirius Left's complete schedule. Hopefully someone will figure it out then ltr can inform the masses :)

Well, it looks like a makeover is going on at XM. Effective yesterday, a few shows have been shuffled around.

The first thing one notices is what's missing, namely Air America. The network has a significantly smaller presence on the new America Left.

The morning starts with Rachel Maddow's newly reconfigured radio show, running from 5-6A. Dial Global's Bill Press, Stephanie Miller and Ed Schultz run live from 6A-3. Then it's Randi Rhodes from 3-6P, Thom Hartmann from 6-9P and Mike Malloy live from 9P-12A. A replay of Sirius Left's Alex Bennett runs from Midnight to 3A.

All in all, it makes sense as a lineup. The schedule is heavy with stable shows. But perhaps they should have taken my advice on how to make liberal talk fans happy.


tmode93 said...

I think a tech flub-up put Bennett on XM for an hour or something, freaked quite a few people out! Since then its been the full 3 hours of Steph Miller which has this fan uber happy. XM's America Left now has a premo lineup that I can take everywhere (suck that Snyder, shutting down WWRC 1260 for business yack!).

raccoonradio said...

Online listening for free (XM
subscribers) ends on 3/11 though those with lifetime subs can still hear it for free, I think. The rumor was $3/mo for continued online listening
Right now I'm using XM online listening to tape some Vin Scelsa (XM 50 The Loft) for a friend in Calif., using an FM mini transmitter in my comp., beaming signal to a recordable AM-FM walkman cass deck.

ctk said...

i want that lineup on sirius. no lynn samuels at all and alex bennett on a time when he can easily be ignored.

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