Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Rhodes, Nova M reportedly "working it out"

Speculation and rumors are still circulating in regard to the on-air whereabouts of Nova M Radio host Randi Rhodes.

Yesterday, after a weekend of responses from concerned listeners, Rhodes and Nova M co-owner Anita Drobny issued an official joint statement via Nova M's website:

Nova M continues its efforts to rectify the technical problems that have caused an interruption in Randi's ability to broadcast THE RANDI RHODES SHOW. Randi has made every effort to assist Nova M in order that the show can be returned to the air immediately. However, despite her daily concern and intervention, there is nothing more that Randi and her team can do. We truly regret the inconvenience resulting from this situation, and hope to have it solved without further delay.

Thank you for your continued support.

However, 'technical problems' could mean just about anything. Industry trade publication Radio & Records is quoting 'sources' today that "there is a contractual issue between the host and the syndicator that is in the process of being resolved. Negotiations are reportedly completely amicable with both sides determined to get Rhodes back on the air as soon as possible."

In addition, an LTR reader, who's somewhat 'in the know', sent an email that, without going into specifics, makes it sound as if the Radio & Records take is closer to what's really going on.

So what gives? Who knows? However, since many supposed molehills turn into massive mountains thanks to message board rumormongering and sloppy, irresponsible bloggers with their own twisted agendas, take everything with at least a grain of salt. And quit panicking already. Sheesh!


JB said...

Former Nova M CEO is suing.



NG said...

Randi's off NovaM.

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