Thursday, February 05, 2009

Former station engineer starts campaign to save WINZ

As rumors persist that WINZ (940AM) in Miami is secretly getting ready to flip to sports talk, at least one person has gotten the ball rolling in an attempt to make management reconsider.

World Net Daily (yes, WORLD NET DAILY) says that the individual, who identifies himself as a former engineer for WINZ, is circulating an e-mail stating the station is going to switch from a "progressive honest talk format to right-wing greedy bastards format."

He urges people to contact station manager Ken Charles to compel him to reconsider the switch. Closing out the message, he states, "It could not hurt to not mention that you are not in Miami."

A spokeswoman for WINZ's owner, Clear Channel Communications, would not comment on the station's fate, but told World News Daily that "Clear Channel has more progressive talk stations than any other radio broadcaster in America."

The rumors swelled further earlier this week when FOX Sports Radio affiliate WFTL was notified that the network's programming would move to another area station in March.


Lance Venta said...

The listeners are better off shifting their focus to James Crystal's 640 WMEN. That is the station that will be losing the Fox Sports affiliation to WINZ. Crystal previously programmed Air America on 1010 KXXT in Phoenix prior to selling the station.

Lu Cifer said...

Cum Channel owns more progressive stations, yeah, ok, SO?! I'm fairly sure that most stations that USED to be progressive stations ARE ALSO OWNED BY CHEAP CHANNEL!!! So all they have to do is say "Oh well it am be getting no ratings" and bye bye most liberal talk (what freakin little there IS...some liberal media!!!) and it kills the format. I have no idea why on Earth ANY ONE would spend their time defending such a garbage heap of a company like Crap Channel unless they had a vested interest.

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