Friday, February 20, 2009

Hannity fraud insanity

If you ever sought hard evidence that Sean Hannity doesn't proofread the talking points put in front of him, or even ponders them personally, here it is:

"Stanford Coins & Bullion, a member of the Stanford Financial Group, their name is as good as gold."

Here's a suggestion for all of you. Never, ever accept financial advice from Sean Hannity.

Turns out that one of the biggest advertisers on Hannity's radio show, billionaire banker R. Allen Stanford, is a con man. The SEC has accused Stanford of bilking thousands of investors out of $8 billion dollars by lying about the return rate on certificates of deposits offered by his firm, Stanford Financial. He subsequently went on the lam, but turned himself in to the FBI yesterday.

Stanford Coin & Bullion "is just a telemarketer boiler room-type of company that calls during dinner and tries to fleece you," said Jon Nadler, a senior analyst at gold firm
In addition, this so-called 'mini-Madoff' is under investigation by the federal government in connection with an alleged drug money laundering scheme for Mexico's Gulf Cartel.

"Mention 'Sean Hannity' to Stanford Coins & Bullion and get a free guidebook."

Yes, indeed, Stanford has been a dedicated advertiser on Hannity's show. Which isn't saying much, but it's a pretty big deal when Hannity puts his own voice to ads for the firm. Yes, Sean Hannity personally vouched for this guy. Who's allegedly been running these schemes for thirteen years!

From Huffington Post:

"I couldn't believe it when I heard the advertisement," said Michael Levine, a regular Hannity listener from Westchester County, New York.

He called the radio station on Tuesday to inform them Stanford had been implicated in what the SEC termed "massive, ongoing" fraud. "They told me they had no idea what I was talking about," Levine told the Huffington Post.

Hannity spokesman Hosea Belcher did not return a call for comment.

Obviously, if this were a liberal talk show host, rather than Hannity, the right-wing bloggers would be going apeshit. Currently, nary a peep from the peanut gallery. They don't eat their own.

So, what else is Sean Hannity lying to you about?


Bukko_in_Australia said...

So, what else is Sean Hannity lying to you about?

Uhhh, maybe everything?

Jill said...

You know, I'm not trying to defend Sean Hannity here, but this doesn't seem to be any different from Ron Kuby saying to enter his key code KUBY when ordering from ProFlowers, or Rachel Maddow reading boilerplate crap for that skin cream -- something I'm sure it galls her to do. I'd need to know more about what control Hannity has over his advertising before squawking about this. There's plenty of REAL stuff to nail Hannity on.

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