Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tuesday Tweets

With the relaunch of "LTR @ Twitter," I thought I'd shake things up a little. To be honest, I've never been a big fan of those 'catch-all' entries I've done. They've always seemed so sloppy and disjointed to me. But they did seem to be the most effective way to forward a bunch of information in one fell swoop.

Well, thanks to Twitter, I can cobble it all together in a thematic sort of way, without getting into too much detail. And I can go a bit further in relating some stories I find quite interesting. Most, if not all of this stuff are things I posted onto Twitter, with lots of quick hits. And you can see a sampling of what's posted there by looking on the far right column of this blog. Lots of politics, lots of humor, and lots of stuff you normally read here.

So, here goes...

  • First, a profile of sorts about Ed Schultz, originally from the Fargo Forum (and syndicated to other area newspapers). It's about him pulling up stakes and moving to the East Coast for his new MSNBC gig. Of course, this also means that Schultz had to give up his local presence. BTW, Beautiful house, Ed.

  • Listeners in Central Iowa (that's the Des Moines area for you fly-over folks) are getting something resembling 'progressive talk radio'. Former Iowa state legislator Ed Fallon and his wife Lynn are launching a daily hour-long talk show on KWQW ("98.3 WOW-FM") in Des Moines next Monday at 7P CT. The "Fallon Forum" will offer a liberal/progressive viewpoint Monday through Thursday. And the even better news? They're hacking off an hour of Michael Savage. The show is a leased-time deal, with the Fallons and their sponsors paying $350 per shift.

  • Hey, remember that crazy 'birther lady'? The one who's filed numerous ridiculous lawsuits claiming our President is not a natural-born citizen? Well, the California Bar has grown tired of Orly Taitz's antics, and they're looking to have her disbarred. With luck, they'll also look to have her committed.

  • The CBS/Dan Rather lawsuit is getting more and more interesting. Hopefully, the ultimate outcome of the trial will show that Rather was right about the Bush/National Guard story. On a side note, I highly recommend reading Mary Mapes' book about the controversy.

  • Looks like the GOP's shift toward the lunatic fringe base has cost them a key official. The chairman of the Rhode Island Republican Hispanic Assembly and member of the Republican Central Committee says he has quit the party, mostly due to Rep. Joe Wilson's embarrassing outburst in Congress two weeks ago. He's tired of the xenophobia and race-baiting.

  • And the truth apparently is coming out about the right-wing vendetta against ACORN. Ambush videographer James O’Keefe admitted he went after ACORN because it registers minorities likely to vote against Republicans: "Politicians are getting elected single-handedly due to this organization," O’Keefe told The Washington Post. "No one was holding this organization accountable." And O'Keefe has been accused of questionable editing tactics in the past.

  • Minnesota governor and GOP presidential 'hopeful' Tim Pawlenty screwed up last Friday morning on his weekly radio show. Instead of giving his office number, he gave out the number for a phone sex chat line. DOH!

  • Speaking of stupid, if you ever needed more proof that CNN's Wolf Blitzer is indeed a self-righteous moron (as if the nonsensical questions he asks on his show don't give enough proof), there's this compelling piece of evidence. Yes, he got his ass kicked on "Celebrity Jeopardy" by, of all people, Andy Richter, best known as Conan O'Brien's sidekick on "The Tonight Show", as well as one of the coolest and wittiest guys on the planet. Now doubt, "The Situation Room with Andy Richter" would be compelling viewing, and could perhaps be a solution to CNN's ratings woes.

  • Now, I could post a few things about Glenn Beck, perhaps a satirical story about how he can't hold on to his AlAnon sponsors, or how he spent his childhood smoking dope and listening to Supertramp (which explains a lot!) but quite frankly, I'm getting pretty bored with this loon. Let's face it, the guy's an attention whore, who would eat dog shit on television just to get people to tune in. And we all know Beck obviously gets off even when people laugh at him. Really, we all know he's a kook, and like the pied piper, he's leading other goofy rats through the village. But for now, I'm tired of feeding this goofball's ego.

  • There are a few things left off this entry, such as the FOX Agitprop Channel's latest attempt at fairness and balanced, but I may hold that back for a separate entry. In the meantime, you can catch all the latest Tweets here.


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