Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Television alert: Child indoctrination warning

Here's a heads-up on a couple television appearances designed to scare the crap out of paranoid right-wingers. And it involves their two favorite bogeymen: Michael Moore and President Obama.

And to all you scaredy-cat tighty-righties out there reading this, yes, they do plan on bringing straws, which will allow them to suck the brains of you and your children. Mwaaaah ha ha ha!

First, President Obama , a man not afraid to tell it like it is, will be the sole guest on the "Late Show with David Letterman" next Monday, capping off a weekend media blitz to sell his health care plan. He'll also be on this Sunday morning's talking head shows on ABC, CBS, NBC and CNN as well. Now, this serves as a warning to the weak-willed to protect their narrow-minded offspring, since that 'stay in school' speech, basically the same kind of speech given by guys named Reagan and Bush, obviously turned conservative kin into zombies. Ahh, can't you just feel the sarcasm...

And set those DVRs (or VCRs, for those of you kickin' it old school) for tonight, as filmmaker Michael Moore will proceed to frighten the living shit out of right-wing America, on the new "Jay Leno Show" on NBC (10P ET). He will no doubt talk about his new movie, "Capitalism: A Love Story", set to be unleashed October 2. Lock up the children, or force them to watch FOX Noise or some shitty Kirk Cameron flick.

Although one silly weak-minded fool who commented on a different entry yesterday claimed that "the millionaire is telling us capitalism is evil", he obviously has not seen the film yet, since it hasn't been released yet. Therefore, said garbage-eating animal has no clue as to what it is actually about (at least watch the trailer!). Evidently, the overlords representing him and his ilk have already decided what the film is all about, and told their flock to think accordingly. Quite frankly, I dig it when uptight wingnuts freak out over stuff like this, so I hope Moore's new flick is a box office smash. Meanwhile, they've got crazy shouting guys with chalkboards spouting lies on FOX 'News'. Advantage: Us.


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