Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Schultz solidifies homebase, gets bigger workload

After several years of bouncing around various affiliates in his home market of Fargo, Ed Schultz has solidified his home base with a new local show.

Local right-wing radio host Scott Hennen recently purchased two stations, KQLX and KQLX-FM (106.1FM). The AM station is all-farm news, the FM airs a talk format. Back in March, he offered to air Schultz' syndicated show live, as opposed to the delayed evening airing on his previous affiliate KFGO.

In addition, Schultz will once again host a locally-oriented show, airing 8-9AM weekdays. This is in addition to his own three hour national radio show and his nightly gig on MSNBC. Schultz had previously hosted a locally-oriented show for KFGO.

The pairing of political opposites, Hennen on the right and Schultz on the left, was announced at a news conference Monday morning in Fargo.

"If you set the politics aside and look at the business side, it makes perfect sense," Hennen said.


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