Monday, July 27, 2009

LTR goes social

Okay, it's been awhile, but that's what happens when...

A. There's nothing to write about.

B. The only stuff to write about is ridiculous wingnut exploits like picking apart Barack Obama's birth certificate and kissing the asses of corrupt health insurance and pharmaceutical companies

C. I've got writer's bloc.

D. It's summer, and I've got a bitchen' tan!

E. The dog ate my homework.

Nonetheless, I haven't forgotten about all of you. As a matter of fact, I decided to get a little more social. Now, many of you are familiar with the LTR MySpace page. It's been there awhile, and if it serves some sort of purpose, I shall soon find out exactly what it is. At least it makes more sense than my YouTube page (which I no longer publicize and, to be quite honest, I've forgotten the web address).

And now, like just about everyone else there, I expanded to a few new frontiers, for all you web socialists. I've been up on Twitter for awhile now, but just haven't really found the time to tinker with it, or figure out a use for it. I guess I'm supposed to post whenever I brush my teeth or tell you what I had for lunch (turkey and swiss sandwich, BTW). But I won't bore you with that stuff. Perhaps some news updates or something (which is kinda what I have this blog for, right?). Hey, maybe some stuff that doesn't seem to cut the mustard on the blog (I do try to keep out the excess). I tried Twitter before Twitter became cool, but couldn't figure out what to do with it. But everyone is seemingly using it, so I guess I'll finally figure it out. Bear with me.

For Facebook users, you're not left out in the dark. You can find the LTR Facebook page here. Now, bear with me, as I have no idea what to do with these things thus far. But I imagine it's a simple concept like "Build it and they will come". So, I guess it will unfold somehow, some way.

So again, if you'd like to follow the shenanigans on Twitter, you may do so here. Facebook users can find me here. And I may very well find a use for both of these sites. So c'mon, be my friend.


tmode93 said...

Have you down on Facebook and Twitter, so along with the e-mails I'm pretty sure I'm as LTR updated as possible.

wwrl said...

me too tmode. is the best

citizenkeith said...

Nothing to write about? I don't see anything here about Breakroom Live or Ron Kuby. Would be interesting to read your thoughts on the current status of AAR.

ltr said...

Here's why I didn't mention BRL. First, nobody was saying anything about why it is no more. Much of what you're reading about on the blogs is speculation (i.e. Seder and Maron were fired, dipped in oil, burned at the stake, etc.). Thing is, nobody confirmed anything, really, so I opted not to pad an entry with rumors.

Plus, I decided to take a week off this thing, which I do once in a while so I don't get completely bored with this thing. Hard work, y'know. In the meantime, I emailed around (particularly the bigwigs at AAM, who are nice people). By that point, it was a really old story. Everyone knows the show is no more. If I were to guess, I'd say it's due to budgetary reasons (seems to be going around quite a bit in the media biz these days).

From scouring many 'tweets' on Maron's Twitter page, I'd say that the show was indeed cancelled. That's all I know.

If I were to write about it now, two weeks after the fact, I'd merely be telling you all stuff you already know. What's the point?

BTW, Marc Maron will be filling in on Ring Of Fire this weekend, according to his Twitter page.

ltr said...

Oh, and Kuby's been gone over a month now. Very old news.

wwrl said...

seder and maron both doing ring of fire, saturday 3 pm eastern sunday 8 pm eastern

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