Wednesday, July 15, 2009

In this episode, you can read my mail

I always get rather interesting things in my email box. Aside from Nigerian and Chinese money-making scams that could probably result in me either getting fleeced or getting killed, should I be stupid enough to comply, I get some rather interesting news items, press releases, newsletters, fan mail, hate mail and women who want to bear my children. Okay, so that last part's not true. But if any out there need practice...

Nonetheless, here's a few interesting items I deemed worth sharing:

National Lampoon delivers new Limbaugh clip

First, remember those cool guys at National Lampoon? Hey, I remember reading the magazines (when they did a magazine) under the covers late at night. By that time, I had started to grow out of Mad magazine and was ready for something a little more provocative. Remember the movies your parents wouldn't let you see, like "Animal House" and "Vacation"? Ahh, memories...
But National Lampoon never went away, they exist now mostly as a web entity. And I was quite humbled today when I opened up a personally-sent email from their director of National Development. Okay, I'm not bragging (cuz I know you don't really give a rip), and even if I were, would I brag about that? Hey, I just thought it was cool to hear from them.

So, NatLamp has a new YouTube clip, called "Rush Limbaugh's New Obama Show!" It's a cool diversion, and let's face it, in these depressing times, we could all use a laugh. Particularly if it skewers someone like Rush Limbaugh. Check it out here. Make Brian Maloney cry.

Bennett Zier discusses Air America's upcoming web makeover

Shelly of Air America sends this one (sorry for trashing Heather Mills the other day, Shel... okay, I'm not). It's a link to a Fishbowl NY interview with Air America CEO Bennett Zier, who discusses the media company's future and upcoming website redesign. Here's an excerpt:

FBNY: What sort of projects or initiatives are you working on to expand and define this target market?

BZ: We will be redesigning and relaunching the Web site before the end of the summer. The readers, viewers and listeners will find it to be a wonderful multimedia experience. We're going to have multiple audio streams, multiple video streams and content that is new and compelling. The site will have a new look and navigation will be a pleasurable experience. We're also highlighting hosts -- like Montel Williams, Lionel, Ron Reagan and Rachel Maddow -- who bring passionate debate to the air.

FBNY: What affect do you think these new initiatives will have on Air America's brand and business?

BZ: I think what Air America is looking to get a larger distribution and generate more critical mass by creating content that not only draws in non-conservatives but also brings in opinionators. We're also bringing on new audio and video channels and new writers for our Web site, in new categories like green living and lifestyle, which are very attractive to the people who view the world from the left.

FBNY: What future do you see for Air America?

BZ: As progressive behavior has moved more into the mainstream with the election of the new president, Air America's vision is to continue to expand its brand to all left-leaning people. Air America is also very focused on providing a relevant, entertaining and provocative voice.

Technology is catching up to content so you have to make sure that your content travels to all of the distribution systems. News and politics have become a spectator sport and people are keeping score the way they do with baseball, football or basketball. Air America is very, very excited about the future and we look forward to being relevant and offering a significant viewpoint well into the future.

Rodriguez debuts webcast

Another one I just got in my box from a reader:


I wanted to point out to you that Neil Rogers' long time producer and substitute host Jorge Rodriguez has started a webcast that runs from Noon-3pm daily. Jorge doesn't talk about politics all the time, but he is decidedly liberal and takes no shit from conservatives. His webcast is quite good and very much in the spirit of the old Neil Rogers show.

You can hear the show here.

Hartmann debuts daily newsletter

On Monday, I was quite surprised to find this item in my email. Thom Hartmann has launched a new daily e-newsletter, letting listeners know about upcoming events, show guests and whatnot. You can subscribe to it here, and best of all, it's free. Neat.

What exactly is an 'activist judge' anyway?

Finally, another daily newsletter I receive is from media watchdog group Media Matters for America. And reading their most recent low-down, mostly dealing with Sonia Sotomayor's Supreme Court confirmation hearings, got me thinking about something.

We often hear the right-wing talking point about the evils of what they call 'activist judges'. Only thing is, they're often quite vague about what exactly they consider to be an 'activist judge'. If it means what I think it means, then why are these same conservative critics so adamant about using Roe vs. Wade as a litmus test for confirmations? I don't know about you, but that sounds pretty 'activist' to me.


Jill said...

Yes, well, they pulled the plug on Break Room Live today and tossed Maron and Seder out. Again.


No more. I'm done. I've paid for their goddamn premium subscription for four years but I'm done with them. Maron and Seder are the heart and soul of Air America and they treat them the way the Mets treated Ryan Church.


(word confirmation is appropriate: "nonsence".)

Lu Cifer, said...

Glad to see Jorge is getting back on the "air"! 1,000 curses on the Beasley's!

Mim Song said...

I'm with Jill. Cancelling BRL was a big mistake -- nothing left of my reasons for supporting AAR and listening to it. Too many other quality audio sources that won't break my proud lefty heart.

Bukko_in_Australia said...

The Limpballs piss-take was hella weak. I agree with the commenters on the YouTube page who said "If you can't satirise Rush, you can't satirise anyone." I mean, c'mon, at least have a fat sweaty guy to do the bit.

Sad that Lampoon is alive and flailing, instead of just quietly dead. The organisation that birthed classics like "Buy this magazine or we'll shoot this dog" and "National Lampoon's Radio Dinner" (to keep with the radio theme of your blog) should be able to do better than that. Of course, if they could, they might still be a magazine...

As for Air America, the National Lampoon of left-wing talk radio, they again charged our credit card for membership this year. That's despite the fact that we clawed back our fee last year after they axed Randi. (Also because of Sam Seder and Malloy and now Hartmann's gone too...) We e-mailed them to cease and desist after that, but they still have us on auto-charge. Again we had the credit card company reverse the charge, but Air America is as hard to shake as America Online used to be.

progutopian said...

Air America has nothing left I will listen to until they give Maron and Seder shows. If AA no longer is interested in Breakroom Live as a video show - GIVE YOUR TOP TALENT RADIO SHOWS. Their entire line-up consists of boring, half-assed hosts now. They have lost every interesting host they ever had - Hartmann, Rhodes, Malloy, Garofalo, and now Sam and Marc. Marc and Sam are and always will be Air America. That network should not be allowed to even refer to itself by that name now as they have nothing to do with the revolutionary spirit that the network began with.

wwrl said...

it's amazing that AAR has done this whole rebranding as "air America Media" yet cancels their one internet show, not to mention one with a very dedicated audience. unbelieveable

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