Thursday, June 25, 2009

Kuby show mothballed by Air America

Gotten quite a few emails on this one. And it appears that the rumors are true. Ron Kuby's midday show on Air America is no more. It is being replaced in national syndication by recent hire Jack Rice, who was originally slated to be on live in Washington, D.C. only.

From the Doin' Time page on Air America's website:

Monday, June 22nd was the final edition of “Doin’ Time With Ron Kuby” in its current incarnation. Ron remains a member of the Air America family as we discuss his future role. His – and his team’s – hard work over these last many months is most appreciated. You can continue to access Ron’s show clips and podcasts at

Jack Rice – who launched “Live In Washington” on our DC station last week – will move his show into the 12-3pm ET slot effective today, Tuesday, June 23rd.

We’re also excited to announce that Randi Rhodes is back on Air America! You can listen to Randi live weekdays from 3-6pm ET in Washington, DC on WZAA 1050AM or you can stream her show online at

Thanks for your continued support and please let us know if you have any questions. Please use this form to contact us:


raccoonradio said...

btw Phoenix is rising from the ashes. According to, Phoenix's AM "KPHX (1480) to go progressive talk - again". Starts July 6:
probably Stephanie Miller, T. Hartmann, Rhodes, Malloy, Schultz, and Mike Newcomb (local, PM drive?)

ltr said...

And reading Radio-Info makes you God?

Mmmm... okay.

wwrl said...

we'll miss the comrade. one of the truly enjoyable shows on the air. hope kuby has success in his future

zon said...

Is it just me or is air america getting worse and worse. perhaps we need something closer to GNN to replace it. Perhaps something closer to this station which I do enjoy.

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