Thursday, June 25, 2009

KPHX rising from the ashes like a Phoenix?

Just when you thought it was all over at KPHX (1480AM) in Phoenix, word comes that it could very well return to the airwaves on July 6. This, according to the Phoenix New Times.


Kathleed Osborn, who claims to be the senior account executive with "Phoenix Progressive Radio", sent out an email announcement and media kit to prospective advertising clients and some in the media heralding the return of liberal talk to the Phoenix airwaves.

KPHX's lineup will look something like this:

Bill Press 3-6A
Stephanie Miller 6-9A
Thom Hartman 9A-12P
Randi Rhodes 12-3P
Mike Newcomb 3-6P
Mike Malloy 6-9P
Ed Shultz 9P-Midnight

Now, Stephan Lemons at the New Times is still a little skeptical. But apparently, the venture will be without Sheldon and Anita Drobny. It will be spearheaded by station owner Jose Molina, who will flip the format from adult standards. Readers here will recall that the defunct Nova M Radio moved thier programming to another station, KNUV (1190AM) at the beginning of the year. Nova M burned out in a glorious ball of flames a mere few months later.

So, come July 6 (or even before - or after), we shall find out whether KPHX will once again be Phoenix's progressive talker. Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

It's of note that whoever is reviving KPHX is screwing with Jeff Farias. His old domain redirects to KPHX's interim page, as it did last year after the Drobneys fired him.

fellixe said...

Check the following link:

That is the same Will who is close with Farias and sometimes helps with the show. If his information is correct - and by his reputation I have no doubt that it is - then Mike Newcomb is a key player in bringing back KPHX. I do not specifically know of any bad blood between Newcomb and Farias, but as many will recall it was Newcomb who was tapped to fill Farias' slot after Farias was removed from the air by Sheldon Drobney. At the very least this would explain why KPHX is going to Newcomb for the key drive-time slot instead of the arguably more popular and better skilled Farias who continues his show online and also hosts a 1 hour show on KXXT in Phoenix on weekdays at 11:30am.

ctk said...

let's see...
i can have either jeff farias from 6-9 covering national stuff, ron reagan from 6-9 covering national stuff, or mike newcomb from 6-9 covering local stuff with some knowledge and repeating national stuff he heard on the radio from stephanie, thom, and randi.

i really don't know what choice to go with, but i sure as hell know it ain't going to be option 3.

Anonymous said...

ctk, you forgot option 4: Bob Kincaid.

Lu Cifer, said...

Hey LTR, sorry if my comments are annoying the hell outta here, but guess what?! I found another NEW RANDI STATION! 1340 KTOX in Needles CA! (It's listed on Randi's site as Los Angeles! Who the hell runs that site?! Obviously people who have ZERO concept of GEOGRAPHY!) And just so you know, I'm posting stuff like this on here instead of emailing ya, cuz I believe in Bill Hicks's motto of passing on information to as many people as soon as possible so we can "all evolve and get the fuck off this planet"!!! (Now if that'd actually happen, THAT WOULD BE NICE!)
Oh and how sad is it that the Drobney's went from being champions of getting liberal radio out there, to now, well, really, a disgrace. Like the X Files: TRUST NO ONE!

ltr said...

KTOX is an interesting one. They hold the distinction of being one of the very first stations to carry Ed Schultz' show.

Sometimes, for some strange reason, sites may list the nearest Arbitron market for a station. On the other hand, Needles is nowhere near L.A. (it's close to Lake Havasu). This is one of those bizarre things about radio that I haven't quite figured out myself.

Then again, I had no idea where Needles was until I used Google maps.,+ca&um=1&ie=UTF-8&split=0&gl=us&ei=MR1NSuiEDZH4NcOL_OcD&sa=X&oi=geocode_result&ct=image&resnum=1

bill said...

mike newcomb and KPHX's quarter-watt signal.

Looks like I will still be streaming liberal talk from KPOJ even though I live in Feenix.

This "rebirth" should last about six months

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