Monday, March 05, 2007

WTWK drops liberal talk, gets an estrogen infusion

Conservatives will likely lick their chops with glee as tiny daytimer WTWK in Burlington, VT drops its liberal talk format for a female-oriented talk format.

Stephanie Miller and Air America Radio are gone from the local airwaves, making room for "The Radio Ritas", Lisa Birnbach, Rolonda Watts, Mo Gaffney and Shana Wride and a bunch of lifestyle shows about home life, pets and food.

The newly formatted station, now branding itself as "Eve 1070" will cater to the soccer mom crowd with rather non-offensive fare.

As previously mentioned, this move will obviously make snarky conservatives giddy with delight, even though the majority of them will likely never be caught dead listening to this new format anyway. WTWK is a very small station, signing off the airwaves during the nighttime hours.

The liberal talk format formerly on WTWK debuted in 2005, later moving to the stronger signal of sister station WVAA (now WCAT), then back to 1070 a year later. Needless to say, this station was not what one would call 'strong'. As for people trying to connect this little peashooter with the state of liberal talk today, that would be a serious stretch. WTWK was way too weak to really make a difference, and its owners too fickle.


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