Thursday, March 29, 2007

KOKE is alive and well, with new website and ideas

It's been awhile since we last checked in on KOKE (1600AM) in Austin, TX.

Previously, things were somewhat up in the air for the Texas Progressive Network, after changes at two of their three stations. KXEB in Dallas was sold in September to Guadalupe Radio Network, which specializes in Spanish-language religious programming. And in December, KTXX-FM, located far outside the San Antonio market that it targeted, flipped to a Spanish-language music format. Owner Border Media Partners still had KOKE, in addition to many other radio stations throughout Texas. And it looks like KOKE is getting a makeover.

First off, they hired a new program director and recently debuted a new website, along with a new station logo. Also in store is a new outdoor marketing campaign. And reportedly, more local and regionally-oriented programming will be added to the currently Air America-heavy schedule (they also air Ed Schultz live). This will probably happen after April, when their year-to-year contract with the network expires. Not to worry for Austin Air America fans though, since the new local programming will augment the syndicated fare still on the station.

KOKE's commitment to progressive talk is a bit ironic, since quite a few station owners have flipped to new flavor-of-the-month formats in the endless pursuit of the quick buck. In addition, BMP's stations tend to be targeted toward Spanish-speaking listeners (though they do program English-language formats on some). Nonetheless, this newfound commitment to progressive talk, as opposed to the lackadaisical approach by many other owners, is refreshing.


Nancy said...

The Dallas Air America fan group ( web site, meetup, yahoo, weekly newsletter, book club etc ) is STILL HERE AND going strong - we have 1300 subscribers per week to our newsletter - check us out-

Anonymous said...

Maybe y'all should change the name to Dallas Progressive Talk fan group.
You're backing the wrong horse.
Besides, the current name sounds like you guys are admirers of a certain locally based airline.

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