Saturday, March 10, 2007

Maron returning to radio?

LuminoMagazine, a Chicago entertainment site, recently published a profile of Marc Maron, who's in town doing a stand-up comedy gig. In it, he talks about his comedy career, life in L.A., Myspace, politics and of course, Air America Radio.

In fact, he discloses that he's still talking with Air America (he still does on-air appearances and fill-ins). He's already done two shows for the network, and rumors still abound that there could be a third.

"I don’t know if that’s going to happen yet," Maron said. "They’re trying to get me to go back, but when you’ve been in a difficult relationship it’s hard to keep going back. We’ll see what happens but I certainly miss doing that. I miss getting up in the morning and doing all kinds of funny stuff and breaking news and yelling…I miss doing the morning show... I’ve done two shows for them. I’ve done an evening show and a morning show and they want me to come back and I’m still talking to them about it. I just got back from the Aspen Comedy Festival in Colorado and I’ve enjoyed not being a cave dweller. When you do radio you’re up in the middle of the night and you’re in a box for three hours a day. I kind of like being back on the stage and talking to people face to face. [In radio] you develop a little crew and no one’s really up at your hours and it’s a very intense job and I enjoyed doing it, but it’s nice sleeping like a normal person...maybe if I do another radio show I could do it out of my garage and I’d never have to leave my house."

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William said...

I hope that Air America Radio and Marc Maron can come to terms. He is very funny, and I think he could do well in the new line up.

Morning shows can be very problematic for syndication networks as many stations have their own local shows. This is the case for many of the AAR affiliates. So, I wonder if AAR is going to try to bring Maron back to the mornings, another weekday slot, or on the weekends.

Jill said...

In the meantime, while we wait for Air America to deliver enough flowers and candy and diamond rings and promise that they'll never, ever, ever beat Maron to a pulp again, that they've gone to anger management and they're a changed man, and this time, baby, it's gonna be different, you can get all the Maron funny you can eat at Sedition Radio.

Emacee said...

Mark Moron funny? You couldn't tell it by listening to Morning Sedation.
What's next? David Lee Roth making a radio comeback?
Apparently some people are so politically involved they lose their sense of humor and think ANYTHING said by someone they agree with must be funny.
Just like right-wing nut jobs who think anything Mark Levin says must be brilliant.

ltr said...

Personally, I think he's pretty good, and a natural at radio, but that's just my opinion.

Everybody has a different opinion of funny. That doesn't make us right or wrong, just opinionated.

I'd like to see him back on the airwaves.

pjs said...

Morning Sedition wasn't for everybody, perhaps. Appreciating it required both intelligence, and a sense of humor. Progressive Utopians with no sense of humor, and fart joke aficionados have plenty of alternatives. Hopefully those of us who want smart, funny radio that actually makes getting up in the morning a joy will get another chance to hear Maron (and the rest of the cast of characters from MS and TMMS) in the morning (or any other time of day) again.

Aaron said...

Are trolls made, or born?

Anyway. I was a huge fan of the Sedition, and I would love to see a Marc morning show again--even better if they could recreate the incarnation as it was when it left us. Mark was a perfect foil for Marc, and their crew was damned good.

(Got any pot?)

But Marc should not under any circumstances return on anyone's terms but his own. I hope he makes AAR get its nose filthy brown over it first. I hope he makes them get rid of all the brown M&Ms. Make damned sure they offer you a living first, Maron. You're the star, bro'.

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