Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Getting the FOX out of the henhouse

Okay, it was a really stupid idea.

Who came up with the not-so-brilliant plan to let the FOX into the henhouse, so to speak? Or in this case, which braindead member of the Democratic party came up with this silly scheme to allow the FOX 'News' Channel exclusive broadcast rights to a Democratic presidential debate in Nevada this coming August?

Needless to say, this decision went down like a fart in a crowded elevator among many Democrats and supporters. Daily Kos, MyDD and MoveOn led the charge in blasting Nevada Democrats, as well as Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, who represents the state, for making this deal with the devil. After all, why reward FOX 'News' for bad behavior, right? Why give in to this ridiculous example of a 'news' network that just makes fraudulent shit up about Democrats anyway? That is, when they're not in full Anna Nicole-a-thon mode (note to Fox: SHE'S IN THE GROUND!). After all, they couldn't really be too 'fair and balanced' when they're spreading nonsense like this:

See what I mean?

Anyway, one candidate proved to be the first to show some resemblance to a backbone. John Edwards (or, as Annthrax Annie affectionately calls him, 'faggot') told FOX to stick it, and informed Kos directly that he would not be attending. Good for him. Hopefully, Hillary Clinton will pull out as well and stop trying to suck up to Republicans (note to Sen. Clinton: THEY DON'T LIKE YOU!). And hopefully, Barack Obama will get out of his "I can stand up to these FOX pussies" mode and do likewise (note to Sen. Obama: You probably could handle them, but they'll still call you 'Hussein'). Bill Richardson has stated that he'll participate. Christopher Dodd will just go with the flow as he usually does, and Joe Biden is likely waiting to hear what the credit card companies based in Delaware think of the whole thing before making up his mind. Yep, these are our candidates. Granted, they're about equal on the milquetoast scale as Bush-bitch McCain, flip-floppin' Romney and cross-dressing Rudy. A campaign for the lowest common denominator, perhaps?

After Edwards' pullout, FOX 'News' released a statement, saying:

"It’s unfortunate that Senator Edwards has decided to abandon an opportunity to reach the largest mainstream cable news audience in America."

Uhh, yeah. A large audience of brainwashed lemmings who wouldn't vote for any of these guys (and gal) anyway. And where do they get off calling themselves 'mainstream cable news'? Whatever the hell FOX puts on their 'news' channel certainly can't be considered 'news', can it? Note to FOX 'News' viewers: FOX 'News' makes you really, really stupid.

Tom Collins, head of the Nevada Democratic Party, was in full damage control mode, sending out an email to supporters this morning, sticking behind his decision and offering a compromise. How about a living, breathing "progressive voice" on the panel to fire off questions? Which of course would stand out from the Hannity-like mouthbreathing goons on the panel asking the candidates why they hate America. Hey, there's an Air America affiliate in Reno, fer cryin' out loud! They can broadcast it and even take part. Never mind that KJFK has no local presence whatsoever. Heck, they don't even have a functioning website! So fat chance there. The FOX affiliate in Las Vegas can carry it too. Oh, and C-Span can carry it on delay after FOX gets their anti-DNC hatefest out of the way. Note to Collins: Stop it already. Just stop it.

Air America was offered a seat on the panel, but new president Mark Green, opting not to play the Alan Colmes-token liberal position, turned them down. However, he did express the desire for Air America to host their own Democratic debate down the road, and quite frankly, this sounds like a good idea. Why not try and have at least one debate tailored to your own base, right? Green also offered to host a Republican candidates debate, but no response from the GOP as of yet for that one. Note to Green: I like ya already!

Granted, conservative suck-ups like Harold Ford have no qualms about getting in bed with the Evil Empire. But Ford lost his election bid last fall, and we hope Democrats would have big enough balls (Hillary included) to just say no to the GOP's propaganda arm.

In closing, the FOX egg-pelting contest Nevada Democratic presidential debate is still going ahead as scheduled. Hopefully, by that point, FOX 'News' pundits will be asking questions to an empty room. Of course, they'll find creative ways to spin their way out of adversity anyway. They usually do.

Note to FOX 'News': You wish.


oppliger said...

Fox News = Cartoon Network for adults

William said...

Oppliger, I think the Cartoon Network is actually better than the Fox News Network. For one thing, none of the characters have the hypocrisy of Bill O'Reilly.

However, on a far more serious note, I think the Democrats should NOT participate in a debate hosted by Fox News. Considering how Fox News has maligned several of the candidates with reports of dubious value, there are good reasons to doubt that the Fox News network will be fair, balanced, or accurate.

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