Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Turn that frown upside down and put on a happy face!

Okay, it's time to stop being so morose.

I'll admit, the most recent news entries here have been rather depressing. I've covered the deaths of people (Tom Snyder, Mike Webb), the death of a tabloid, the death of local programming on KOPT in Eugene, the death of a show (The Air Americans) and even the death of a radio network. Not to mention the I-35W bridge tragedy last week in Minneapolis. This grim focus is rather accidental. Nothing intentional. But now, the time has come to share some good news. Namely, some people got jobs. How much more upbeat can one get than that?

This past Monday, WWRL/New York added veteran radio and TV talker Richard Bey for the 8-10PM weeknight shift. Bey is best known for his old daytime TV talk show (think Jerry Springer but with more silliness, self-deprecating humor and game show-like competition). In recent years, he has worked at WABC radio (prior to the liberal purge) and has been a frequent guest host for Alex Bennett on Sirius Left. Bey will replace the Sammy and Army replay that so many listeners loved so dearly. Yes, the sarcasm is intended.

Broward County Commissioner and former Florida State Representative Stacy Ritter is debuting a new radio show this Saturday on WFTL (850AM) in West Palm Beach. Some may remember her as the legsilator who recently proposed that the county stop using WIOD (610AM) as the official station for emergency announcements, because it runs Rush Limbaugh's show. The move failed, but it received nationwide attention. Limbaugh even called here 'a babe,' surprising, since I assumed his tastes ran more towards Dominican teenage boys. Of course, with her blatant anti-Rush stance, the dittohead militia are sure to bring the torches and pitchforks. They obviously hate her for her freedom. Anyhoo, listen for her show Saturday mornings at 10:30AM ET. She'll be in (ahem) good company on the station with the likes of Bill O'Reilly, Michael Savage, Laura Ingraham and the usual gang of idiots.

After previously announcing her move into syndication, Los Angeles-based talker Leslie Marshall has finally launched her new syndicated radio show. The show is being produced by TalkUSA Radio, headed by former Air America and Democracy Radio head Tom Athans. Currently, it airs live from 7-10PM. Or is that 3-6PM? Who knows, since NOBODY THERE IS TELLING ME ANYTHING!!! I swear, some of these people have more secrets than the Illuminati. I'm not even sure if there's any affiliates yet (it's being offered to all talk formats, not just liberal talk) but allegedly, her old employer, Buffalo, NY-based WWKB (1520AM), has picked it up. However, WWKB doesn't offer a webstream anyways (and neither does the host) so nobody outside of New York can hear her. Besides, 'KB can't even maintain an accurate website. Perhaps Ms. Marshall or anyone else involved in this little endeavor could drop a line (hint, hint) and perhaps let people know her show actually exists. Remember, if a tree falls in a forest...

And finally, Enid Goldstein, late of KCTC in Sacramento, KNRC in Denver, and various other radio and TV outlets, is now a political commentator for KCRA-TV in Sacramento. She will be featured on the station's evening newscasts.

Congratulations to all the newly employed. And remember, smile, darn ya' smile!

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Lu Cifer said...

Ya sure ya don't mean Lynn Samuels is who Richard Bey filled in for?!

ltr said...

It could have been both. I do know he's subbed for Alex. Perhaps Lynn Samuels as well.

Jill said...

Yes, he filled in for Lynn Samuels as well.

As much as I would rather hear Sam Seder in this timeslot, if we can't get that, Bey is about as good as it's going to get. He is a good guy who got royally screwed over by WABC for opposing the Iraq War. It's a rare piece of good news in the mess that is WWRL.

Michael said...

Interesting that WWRL has another daypart in which they opt out of the AAR feed.
Wait! There's more.
Richard Bey also has been an infomercial hustler/pitchman - notably "The Juiceman" juicer.

ltr said...

WWRL has been programming the post-8PM slot for several months now. They started with morning show reruns followed by Alan Colmes.

As for the infomercials, hey, a man's gotta eat. At least the Juiceman is better than that sleazy Kevin Trudeau stuff. Actually, I've kinda been wanting to get a Juiceman...

Lu Cifer said...

Oh ok, 10-4. Well let's hope that AAR has FINALLY purged all the neo-KKKons from their management and whatever else!

Lu Cifer said...

And I almost forgot, I think I'd rather huff bug spray than listen to Alan Colmes! Gawd! I never knew Richard did radio until I heard him in for Lynn (and I am blowing my Southerner cred here by saying I actually DO like her show!!!) and I only knew him from that gawd-awful TV show he had!!! And is it just me or is this word verification thing ANNOYING!?

NYLefty said...

Air America had nothing to do with WWRL's decision to carry Sammy and Armie even once, not to mention twice a day, or to carry Alan Colmes. AAR feeds its own programming 24 hours a day, including during morning drive and after 8 pm and obviously would prefer that WWRL carry it all.

As for Leslie Marshall on WWKB, I'm 400 miles from Buffalo and picked her up loud and clear tonight from 9:15 pm to 10, Eastern Time. She took at least one call from Buffalo, so apparently KB is carrying her live.

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