Monday, February 26, 2007

Leslie Marshall makes a comeback - in syndication

Only a mere few weeks following her departure from WWKB in Buffalo, Leslie Marshall is back, and will be offered for syndication, according to AllAccess.

Envision Radio Networks and Tom Athans' TalkUSA Radio are set to launch their first weekday offering, as they sign Marshall to a syndication deal. Her revived radio show air live in the 3-6PM ET slot, putting it up against Air America Radio's Randi Rhodes.

Marshall has a long history in broadcasting and media, as she had a brief stint replacing the former Tom Snyder radio show for ABC Radio Networks in 1992. She has also worked at WGR in Buffalo, WLS in Chicago, and KLAC in Los Angeles, among many others. She is also a frequent presence on cable news channels, and occasionally sits in as guest host for Alan Colmes' radio show. In addition, she has many television acting credits to her name, according to her website biography.

"Leslie is nothing short of an amazing talent. She’s got the perfect balance of charisma and experience that makes her incredibly compelling to listen to," said Athans. "What’s particularly special about Leslie is that she’s equally effective on television as she is on radio. She’ll have great crossover appeal as a frequent pundit on the news shows."


William said...

This is an interesting development, as I have heard of Tom Athan's Talk USA Radio. I am not very familiar with him -- although I know he has worked with AAR, Democracy Radio, and the Jones Radio Network.

Any idea when Talk USA Radio will begin broadcasting and who may join them besides Leslie Marshall, whom I am not familiar with as well.

will in chicago

Anonymous said...

Athans new venture seems very low profile. Envision represented Medicare Mike's first attempt at syndication, before the Nova M deal. They have some other shows listed on their website. The common factor seems to be nobody ever heard of any of them. Envison seems a guaranteed road to obscurity. Athans and Jones were a great team building up Steph and Ed; partnering with Envision seems an unfortunate move.


ltr said...

Talk USA Radio is not a full-service operation. Meaning that they are not going to be a rival to Air America. I got that from Mr. Athans himself in an email a few months back.

The goal is to produce syndicated non-conservative talk programming, though not exclusively liberal talk. They have one show on the air currently, "Washington Monthly on the Radio," a weekly one hour program. Aside from that show, Marshall is the only other announced offering thus far.

Envision's not a big player like Westwood One or Premiere or even Jones. However, they do have a presence on the airwaves, as they are big on show prep services, lifestyle and music shows and even morning shows such as Lex and Terry.

As I recall, Athans shut down Democracy Radio after helping to launch Schultz and Miller. That was the goal of the venture. From there, he became part of Air America, then left there for reasons unknown (though I'm sure we could all guess why).

It appears Athans is taking his time with Talk USA, and not trying to rush things like AAR did. They have a web domain reserved, but no site as of yet. As for the future, we shall see.

Dan said...

It's a year later, and I still can't find a Website for TalkUSA. Are they even a legit business?

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