Monday, February 12, 2007

WWKK/Petoskey, MI under new ownership

According to All Access, the owner of WWKK ("Progressive Talk Kool 750") in Petoskey, MI will deal the station to Fort Bend Broadcasting Company, in exchange for WLDR, a higher-powered AM country station near Traverse City and $244,000.

WWKK is owned by Rick Stone, whose only other radio property is WJML, also in Petoskey, which runs a conservative talk format as a counterpart to WWKK. Both stations appear to be branded as "WJML", and both stations share the same website. Fort Bend, owned by Roy Henderson, owns four other stations in Michigan. There is no word as to what WWKK's new owner will do with the station once the deal is approved by the FCC, or if this means a pending format flip.

WWKK carries a mostly liberal talk format, consisting of Ed Schultz, Lionel, non-partisan "Free Talk Live" (or a delay of Stephanie Miller's show, according to a conflicting website report), Dr. Joy Brown's advice show and some programming from Air America Radio, including Thom Hartmann, Sam Seder, and the straight feed during the overnight hours and part of the weekends. Both stations run a common morning show, the regionally-syndicated "The Big Show," featuring Michael Patrick Shiels. WWKK flipped to liberal talk in September 2004.

Petoskey, MI is located in the far-northern part of Michigan, below the Upper Peninsula, and roughly 70 miles north of the much-larger Traverse City.


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