Thursday, February 15, 2007

Sale of KFPT/Fresno signals end of liberal talk

As rumored here recently, Fresno's KFPT is being purchased from Peak Broadcasting by Fat Dawgs 7, owners of the market's local ESPN radio affiliate. The sale price is in the $2.5 million neighborhood.

However, its current lineup of liberal talk shows will be replaced, most likely by sports programming. Look for the change to take place in either March or April.

Peak Broadcasting picked up KFPT in November as part of the $90 mil- lion purchase of the eight stations previously owned by CBS Broadcasting. Once the Peak-CBS deal gets a green light from the Federal Communications Commission, then the deal with Fat Dawgs 7 can move forward.

KFPT went from Spanish-language programming to the liberal-talk format July 5, 2005. The talk show lineup included such hosts as Al Franken, Randi Rhodes, Ed Schultz and Sam Seder.

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barooosk said...

why would big dawgs flpt kfpt to sports if they already operate an espn affiliate in fresno?

pureprairie said...

790 will likely become ESPN2. Last year the PD at KFPT commented how he'd never worked at a station with as much enthusiasm from listeners with calls & emails. The conservatives that run the station are right to let go and let someone passionate about progressive talk radio assume the format in Fresno; however, supposedly they'd worked a deal with the new owners to NOT put progressive talk on their new station for three years. Hmmmm. It's playing out exactly how Big Eddy says - ownership has its privileges.

fran said...

The right wingers stay on the air because they are being funded by the big corporations. The Democrats have to keep buying and selling from one hand to the other to stay on the air. Private investors are the only people the liberals can rely on.

Gina-Marie Cheeseman said...

I just created a Yahoo Group titled, "Bring Air America Back." If you are from the Fresno area and want to bring Air America programming back to Fresno, join me.

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