Friday, July 20, 2007

Webb murder: Suspect confesses

Yesterday, an arrest was made in the Mike Webb murder case. The suspect has now confessed to the slaying.

Police arrested Scott White, 28 on Wednesday night. White was previously described as a "person of interest" in the case, and was apprehended without incident.

Investigators had known about White for several weeks but learned of his location only on Wednesday. Assistant Chief Nick Metz said that during questioning at police headquarters, White admitted to killing Webb and hiding his body in the house he rented. White has not been charged as of yet, but a bail hearing was set for Thursday afternoon.

The decomposed body of the former KIRO radio talk host was found under boxes and a tarp in a 3-foot crawl space at his home on June 28. Day laborers happened upon the body while cleaning the house. Webb had been reported as missing since April 13.

According to the Seattle police missing persons report, Webb had been hanging out with a "shady character," and text messages were received from Webb’s phone for days after his disappearance.

White and Webb had apparently met in November and had lived together for a while. Metz would not discuss a possible motive, whether a weapon was found or other details. Nothing was disclosed in regard to White's criminal history, other details about his background or if he acted alone or with others.

Read more at KIRO-TV.


will in chicago said...

This is a sad story, but I suppose the only comfort that I can draw from this is that the murder of Mike Webb was not a politically or ideologically motivated killing like the murder of Alan Berg.

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