Thursday, July 05, 2007

Malloy finally joining XM lineup

Updated 7/09/07

One of those little things I missed as the Independence Day holiday popped up is an update of sorts. After months of rumors and promises, Mike Malloy fans will finally be able to hear his show on XM Radio starting next week, July 9.

XM's "Air America Radio" channel (ch. 167) will slot the first two hours of Malloy's show from 10PM-midnight ET. Thom Hartmann's delayed airing (well, two hours of it anyway) will precede Malloy, from 8-10P, and "The Air Americans" will be on from midnight-4A, via delay. Got all that?

Although XM calls ch. 167 "Air America," they do break away from the network's feed to air other shows. Most notably, they carry Ed Schultz live in the noon-3PM ET slot, displacing Thom Hartmann to the midnight-3AM shift. They also carry some alternate weekend programming, including Left Jab, Jackie Guerra (formerly of Air America), and "The Agenda with Joe Solmonese."


Corie said...

Hmm..still no reason that I see to get XM...Ed Shultz bumping Tom Hartmann to the middle of the night??? Puh-leeeez!

Casey Buck said...

XM now officially has its schedule out on their website.

There's actually some more changes than putting Mike on. Thom Hartmann now airs earlier, from 8 PM-10 PM ET, and The Air Americans now airs 4 hours delayed from midnight-4 AM ET. Gee, XM is sure confident with that show, aren't they?

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