Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The 'greening' of The Quake, part 2

Last week, you read here about the 'former' KQKE in San Francisco and some online hints about their upcoming new direction. Well, it looks like 960AM is going green next week.

Already, there have been a few hints dropped so far. Earlier this month, the call letters were officially changed to KKGN. Owner Clear Channel reserved several domains, including and And an email sent to me by the station's promotions director teased claims of 'turning a new leaf.'

As of next Monday, August 27, the new "Green 960" will debut. The station will keep liberal talk, but will supplement it with more environmental and locally-oriented programming. Green Seed Radio, a co-production of the Green Building Exchange that currently airs on Saturday afternoons, will move to weekdays 3-4P. The local Progressive News Hour with John Scott will expand by an hour, airing from 4-6P.

With these changes comes some schedule shuffling of popular syndicated shows. Rachel Maddow, currently airing live from 3-5P, is being bumped to 9-11P. Randi Rhodes slides back down to the 6-9P shift. And Mike Malloy's show will move to late night, from 11P-2A.

Commenting on the new imaging and scheduling shift, KKGN PD Bob Agnew claimed, "This is a natural evolution for the station. We are in the most environmentally-conscientious market in the country, and our listeners have let us know the depth of their concern and their desire to be part of the solution. 'Green 960' will entertain, educate, and motivate people on the need to recycle, sustain, preserve, and protect this place we call Mother Earth."


Hieronymous said...

This is pretty stupid. That time slot is a bad time for the so-called 'green' show that sounds like a pay for play to me. Doubling the somewhat lackluster local 'news' show to fill out drive is also lame and moving Malloy out of live is a mistake. At least Randi or Malloy should play live. I think we might have a Clear Channel PD undermining prog-talk in the Bay Area.

ltr said...

I agree with you. But hey, maybe they go for that stuff in S.F. I dunno.

ltr said...

Here's the whole press release, as sent to me from the station:

(San Francisco, CA – August 21, 2007) – Progressive talk radio station, KQKE-AM, will evolve into "Green 960" (KKGN-AM) starting August 27

Program Director, Bob Agnew, says, "This is a natural evolution for the station. We are in the most environmentally-conscientious market in the country, and our listeners have let us know the depth of their concern and their desire to be part of the solution. "Green 960" will entertain, educate, and motivate people on the need to recycle, sustain, preserve, and protect this place we call Mother Earth."

In support of its new focus, Green 960 will debut "Green Seed Radio", the first daily prime time radio program dedicated to environmental news and issues. Produced in conjunction with the Green Building Exchange, the show will feature news and information focused on green technology, green business, environmental tips and education, interview segments and listener interaction. The program will be featured daily on Green 960 from 3-4pm.

Michael Schaeffer, Founder of the Green Building Exchange adds, "The decision for us to partner with Clear Channel was obvious, from our point of view. They share our commitment to generate interest in environmental issues. We will be using the radio as a powerful instrument to help shift the green economy. Additionally, as a company they are the first to begin the process of greening their stations, which hopefully will lead other broadcasters in that same direction."

Green 960 will also expand the Progressive News Hour to two hours (4p-6p) and replace some commercial breaks with a daily series of three-minute "green vignettes", which will profile leaders and businesses at the forefront of the green movement.

Clear Channel SF/SJ President and Market Manager, Kim Bryant, noted, "This change to Green 960 and our partnership with the Green Building Exchange are just one step in our overall commitment to increase consumer awareness and education concerning the environment."

About Clear Channel Radio San Francisco/San Jose:

Clear Channel Radio San Francisco/San Jose operates KCNL-FM, KIOI-FM, KISQ-FM, KKSF-FM, KMEL-FM, KNEW-AM, KKGN-AM, KSJO-FM, KUFX-FM and KYLD-FM.

About Clear Channel Radio:

Clear Channel Radio is a leading radio company focused on serving local communities across the U.S. with more than 110 million listeners choosing Clear Channel Radio programming each week. The company's content can be heard on AM/FM stations, HD digital radio channels, on the Internet, via iPods, through Motorola's iRadio cell-phone service, and via mobile-navigation devices from Cobra, Garmin, Kenwood and others. The company's operations include radio broadcasting, syndication and independent media representation. Clear Channel Radio is a division of Clear Channel Communications, Inc. (NYSE:CCU), a leading global media and entertainment company.  More information on the company can be found at a href="

Certain statements in this release constitute "forward-looking statements" within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Such forward-looking statements involve known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors which may cause the actual results performance or achievements of the Company to be materially different from any future results, performance or achievements expressed or implied by such forward-looking statements.

wvmc3d said...

I think he is selling the 3-4 slot and I can't imagine the local news for 2 hours will be a ratings/revenue winner. I am guessing Malloy underperformed in the 6-9 slot.

Anonymous said...

Bob Agnew, biggest IDIOT in the WORLD!!!



FACT: Michael Savage says the "F" bomb, yet Michael Savage gets a "Free Pass," thanks to Bob Agnew.


It's time that a lib station, finds itself a new home, in SFO preferredly, on 610 AM, and get away from this Crappy Channel BULLSHIT!!!

Michael said...

Follow the money!
The suits at Clear Channel (and the rest of the biz) have decided they can't sell progressive talk.
Maybe they think they can sell Green Talk.
There are a lot of business selling Green Consumers and helping businesses comply with Green Rules. Add to that related businesses like Health Foods/Organic Foods and New Age businesses. It could make a solid client base of advertisers in the Bay Area.
OK, they lose listeners. Who cares as long as they gain ad revenue?
Ratings don't matter to a lot of advertisers, especially local advertisers and advertisers in niche markets. Look at the advertisers flocking to sports talk despite the lack of audience numbers on a lot of sports talk stations.

Lu Cifer said...

This is just more of Crap Channel trying to shut down liberal radio, period case closed! Nova M has the right idea by leasing the stations (non CC stations!) and go from there.

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