Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Quick hits

All too often, there are some smaller stories worth mentioning, but not enough to really fill a whole article. So here's a few "Quick Hits":

  • First up, fans of Ed Schultz will want to tune in to C-Span today (August 28) at noon ET, as Fargo represents with a three hour television simulcast, as C-Span often does with AM radio talk show hosts. You can find C-Span on your cable or satellite system (naturally) or access it at c-span.org.

    Air America Radio's Thom Hartmann gets the C-Span treatment this Friday (August 31) from noon to 3PM ET.

  • Meanwhile, in Young Turks land, only one turk remains, as Ben Mankiewicz departs for a new gig. He will be working for gossip site TMZ.com's new television show, to debut in syndication this fall. Mankiewicz is also a weekend host on the Turner Classic Movies cable network. No word on any replacement, as Cenk Uygur carries on solo.

  • So, how did Keith Olbermann's recent NBC Sunday night gig turn out? In the initial Neilsen numbers (not finalized), the special network edition of "Countdown" beat FOX's game show hit "Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader?" but fell behind "60 Minutes" and "America's Funniest Videos" on CBS and ABC. Olbermann's show lead in to "Football Night In America" throughout most of the country, though West Coast viewers saw it after the game, as is customary in those markets to fill in the prime time lineup there.

    Should I spoil it for those who haven't checked their TiVos yet? Well, you can still catch bits and pieces at YouTube, including the 'Worst Person In The World' and another segment.

  • Elsewhere, Gonzo is Gone-zo, and family values Republican Senator Larry Craig of Utah once got busy in an airport bathroom. Let's hear it for the Grand Ol' Perverts!

  • Speaking of not-so-great Gonzos, Ted Nugent got a slide by most of the media for his onstage fatwa issued this past weekend toward members of the Democratic Party (video). Taunting the likes of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Barbara Boxer and others to taste the business end of his submachine gun, he also flung around some rather violent rhetoric. And they say we're filled with hate! Geez! Meanwhile, all the Dixie Chicks said was that they were ashamed that the President hailed from the same state as them, and look what they had to put up with. Meanwhile, Sean Insannity on FOX Noise was bending over backwards to kiss his buddy Ted's ass, which in itself is tough to do when one has no neck. As for The Nuge, well, what else do you expect from a gung-ho right-wing war nut who avoided the draft in the late 60s in perhaps the most disgusting way possible?

  • For those that are curious, yes, the newly minted (pun intended) "Green 960" in San Francisco (formerly "The Quake") does indeed have a new logo, as you can see at right.

  • And finally, remember this guy? That's "Radical Russ" Belville, and he won that "Next Progressive Talk Star" contest thingy last year. And yes, he does have a radio show, airing Saturday mornings on KPOJ in Portland, OR. Tomorrow morning, he goes nationwide, as he fills in for the day for morning talker Bill Press on his syndicated show. Catch "The Bill Press Show" weekday mornings 6-9AM ET.

    ltr said...

    Hey guys (and I'm talking to Raccoon and Emacee, er Michael) - Mind if I write the articles here? I know all about WTWP. It's not like I live in a cave. I've got something in the works currently on this.

    Since it's my blog, is it too much to ask that I be able to write the friggin' thing? Put it on your own damn blogs. Sheesh!

    Michael said...

    Fighting Irish:
    Apparently with the exception of people kissing your ass, your really don't want comments. So don't be a hypocrite and turn off the comment feature.
    Your attitude here is not very liberal. I thought liberals believed in open discussion. Are you sure you don't belong on the other side? You are as authoritarian as Bush or the anonymous Managing Board Editor.

    ltr said...

    This coming from a guy who just lives to spit out nasty insults at people (like at Jon Elliott the other day when he posted a comment).

    I have no problem with comments. I love 'em. I just have a problem with people coming here and acting like complete assholes. I wouldn't go to your house and act like a jerk.

    And sorry, you may think you can generalize and paint people into tiny little boxes, but that don't work with me.

    You don't like it, don't post here. Simple as that.

    At least I'm not changing my name every few months to try and fool people. You didn't fool me.

    Jill said...

    Cenk needs a co-host? I think Sam Seder might be available.

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