Monday, August 27, 2007

Introducing... The LTR widget for your site or blog!

I'll follow-up on the KLSD rally and some other stories soon, but in the meantime, here's something I'd like to share with all of you.

Quite often, many have asked me about LTR promotional banners for their website or blog. I have conjured up many different prototypes, but just haven't been able to settle on any that I was satisfied with.

Besides, I would have to come up with many different sizes, as well as enough web server space to host these. It could work on a small blog, but let's say a high traffic site such as Daily Kos decides to slap one up. Now we're talking massive bandwidth!

In addition, I experimented with those java-based headlines boxes, but wasn't very impressed with them. I was always holding out for something better. Now, it looks like that something better has arrived.

As of this moment, LTR is available in widget form for your very own blog or website. This cute little thingy, as shown on the right (click to enlarge to actual size) displays the most recent headlines from LTR, along with a paragraph or two of the most recent headlines. Thanks to the wonderful folks at Widgetbox for the capability to do this.

If you'd like to put the latest LTR headlines on your blog, without having to use any of your own server space (save for the code), you can proceed from this link. From here, you can customize how it is displayed, by choosing either a vertical (narrow) or horizontal (wide) layout. You can also customize colors and whether or not you would like only headlines or headlines plus article excerpt (the default).

It's better than a boring ol' banner. This game actually moves as you play (I always wanted to quote a song from L.A.'s coolest punk rock band, X, on here). Hey, it's live - what more can you say?

The widget is available in either java or flash (for MySpace profiles, etc.) here.

UPDATE: I changed the default color a bit, with a black background. I think it really pops. If you put it on your site, blog or MySpace/Facebook/Live Journal page, please drop me a line with the URL. I'd love to know where it is, and I may even link to you. Thanks.


Lu Cifer said...

Aw hell yes! X is great! I'll NEVER forget the first time I heard Jane's Addiction cover "Nausea" in 1991 or so in that LA Medley they did and I was like "whoever did the original, I MUST find it!" and been a fan since! And I can't blame Exene for moving from FL to CA! Dangit I only wish I could too, this humidity suuuucks! And it only gets WORSE every year, thankfully there's no global warming...*SARCASM*

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