Thursday, April 03, 2008

UPDATE: Randi Rhodes suspended for Clinton remarks

UPDATE: Click here for a follow-up report

Following the attention given toward a video of a recent profanity-laced live appearance, Radio and Records is reporting that Air America has suspended on-air host Randi Rhodes for inappropriate statements she made about prominent figures. At an appearance on behalf of the network and Clear Channel talk KKGN (960 AM) in San Francisco, Rhodes used aggressive language to describe both Hillary Clinton and Geraldine Ferraro, calling each of them a "fu&*ing whore."

"Air America encourages strong opinions about public affairs,’ but does not condone such abusive, ad hominem language by our Hosts," said Air America chair Charlie Kireker in a statement released by the network. Sam Seder will fill in for Rhodes at least for today's show.

KKGN program director John Scott says it was Rhodes’ first time in the market and "probably the biggest event the station has ever done." The appearance, which sold out in advance, featured Rhodes on stage doing basically stand-up comedy. Scott says Rhodes autographed 500 head shots for fans that night. He says the station had received one or two complaints about the event.


Unknown said...

Air America has lost one more listener. Randy was the best they had to offer. She only spoke truth and they suspend her? What a crock!

capt said...


She was doing "stand up" so anything goes.

She didn't say this on her radio show.

What a crock.

Sparaxis said...

Free speech is not the same as consequence free speech. Others have made over the top statements in "stand up" venues and had to pay a price. Just because you can say anything you want does not mean that you should say anything you want.

Personally, I'm glad she's off the air. Maybe Air America will replace her with someone that provides truth AND welcomes the discussion of issues, even if callers happen to disagree.

Omaopa said...

Randi is the best - I want her back!

Ed Encho said...

Just another example of why this country is destined for historical infamy, the land of the sheep and the home of the slaves.

We have had an aversion to the truth bred into us, you know the whole bullshit false paradgm of 'optimism/pessimism', sunny side up "Morning in America" thing.

And then there was that fucking cunt whore Clinton's manure analogy the other night that was borrowed from Reagan who borrowed it from from other shithack looter.

I am NOT a fan of Randi Rhodes anymore, she is silly, rude to callers and arrogant as well as intolerant to anything that is not a part of the cult of the jackass.

But this time she was absolutely fucking right and screw Air Amerika for this censorship.

They shanked Malloy in the back too and they can go to hell as far as I am concerned.

Just my two cents

Ed Encho

Unknown said...

Randi is the main reason I listen to Air America.

You've lost me too as listener. We don't need you to protect us through censorship. We get enough of that already in this country.

If Randi gets picked up by a satellite network, I will listen to her there. Just one listener, but no longer your listener. Your loss.

David Roland Strong said...

I'll listen to Randi wherever she is on. The event was not broadcast and was a comedy routine, or so I had heard. Who was it that complained? Who's gonna have the balls to play "Bounce Your Boobies" on Fridays? Waaaahhhh.......

Anonymous said...


BLeeK said...

Randi will land on her feet, that's for sure. Air America should hope to god they can too.
Any of us who have listened to Randi in the last few weeks know exactly what's REALLY (politically) happening here.

Aaron B. Pryor said...

The simple fact is that there is no radio career worth having that doesn't involve suspensions and firings. No true radio talent is worth a damn unless they're suspended or fired at least once. This incident elevates Randi's stature as a radio talent and gives Air America 3.0 headlines.. It is not a bad thing. Enjoy your paid vacation, Randi, and we shall hear you again soon.

Unknown said...

Ms. Rhodes said NOTHING false or slanderous, and was in the proper setting for the presentation she gave. It was received with overwelming favorable reactions. To suspend her must reflect Mark Green's control of Air America Radio. Green being a Clinton supporter should NOT cause Randi's suspension. It's as shameful and wrong as getting rid of Mike Malloy. Randi must be reinstated immediately, or Air America can go to Hell with the neocon fascists we struggle to overcome.-- Lobo

Unknown said...

I really like Randi's show and find the suspension disturbing, because I really like free speech, too. That's not because I always agree with everything Randi says, but I feel she is a valuable voice. She's been very persuasive, and is a great talent--knows her stuff.

As some of the other people who commented here noted--Air America really gave it to Mike Malloy, too. That was the first thinkg I thought of when Sam Seder referred to the suspension (I hadn't even realized that that had happened until he mentioned it).

FSL said...

I read that the real reason is the current management at Air America is pro Clinton and Randi is pro Obama.

I doubt she will be off long. The guy she brought from West Palm Beach as her producer is now running Nova M. As soon as the lawyers get contract issues worked out, Nova M will distribute her show (probably originating in Florida).

Randi will come out on top on this deal.

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