Monday, April 21, 2008

"Race" gets a radio place, and Maddow holds her place

As rumored a couple weeks ago, MSNBC's Race for the White House will indeed be simulcast on Air America Radio, according to TVNewser. The simulcast will start this Wednesday at 6P.

The show, hosted by David Gregory, also features Air America's Rachel Maddow as a panelist. The simulcast will replace the first hour of her three-hour radio program, The Rachel Maddow Show. That hour is currently prerecorded to accommodate her television schedule.

"We're enthused to air this new MSNBC show with Air America's own Rachel Maddow," said Mark Green, president of Air America Radio, in the release. "Her smarts and wit light up Race for the White House just as they do her own evening show."

Maddow has become increasingly popular as an MSNBC contributer and fill-in host. She even chased a rather tongue-tied and thin-skinned Joe Scarborough off the set during one exchange last week. "Joe didn't walk off. He chose not to participate in the final couple of minutes of the discussion because he felt the conversation didn't fit his role as a political analyst," MSNBC spokesperson Jeremy Gaines told HuffPo. Of course, right-wing bloggers are wagging their fingers at 'dem mean librulz' for slapping around the alleged Republican intern slayer and pushing him to make a 'Race for the Exit Door.' Sounds like somebody better call the whaaaambulance.

After that little disagreement, with Scarborough gone during the "Panel Predictions" segment, Maddow worked to quell any outstanding problems, saying, "First of all Joe and I will go out for a beer and hash this all out, that's my prediction."

And in other Air America news, this week Joy Behar of ABC's The View hosts American Afternoon, the show that replaced Randi Rhodes when she left the network for Nova M Radio earlier this month.


Stephen S Crockett said...

Maddow is doing a great job! Excellent article.

My show broadcasts out of the Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania on WGPA SUNNY 1100AM on Thursday mornings. While in Washington, DC tonight, I will be watching the PA returns on MSNBC.


Stephen Crockett

Host, Democratic Talk Radio

busithoth said...

This sucks.
Rachel's AAR's greatest asset, popularity-wise, and they're raping her 'brand' by painting this simulcast of crap as 'hers' at all.

So her show got bumped from two hours to three, but somehow she's only on for one of those.

Is MSNBC passive-aggressive or something? why not just give Rachel her own freaking show? this is pathetic and annoying.

She's done a one-hour show before, and it was a superlative example of newsie-gone-mad. I was addicted to it. This new frankenstein of a format doesn't hold a candle to the brilliance of her old show(s). I hope this experiment gets destroyed like the great Dr. Frankenstein's monster.

Unknown said...

Right on Emile, totally agree! This is another nail in AAR death bed.
Is her second hour pre-recorded also? Sounds like it. I haven't seen Race live but does she go to MSNBC studios or does she appear live from AAR studios? How can she get to AAR studio so quickly if she is at MSNBC studios doing the Race?

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