Monday, December 20, 2004

(More) liberal talk comes to Springfield, MA

As of a few days ago, WMAS (1450) has switched to a mostly liberal talk format (though they air Neal Boortz' show). They add Ed Schultz, Stephanie Miller and Randi Rhodes.

Why the strange schedule? Why no Franken? How did they get away with airing just Randi Rhodes from the Air Ameica lineup? Well, part of this has to do with the local WHMP trimulcast, which airs several AAR shows including Franken's. Therefore, WMAS picked up some programs that were previously unheard or aired in the market.

The schedule looks something like this:

George Murphy 6am-9pm
Stephanie Miller – 9am-12noon
Neal Boortz – 12noon-3pm
Ed Shultz – 3pm-6pm
Randi Rhodes - 6pm-10pm.
The Phil Hendri Show– 10pm-1am ET

Here's the site:


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