Friday, December 03, 2004

Mo' Rumors: This time, it's Washington, DC

Lots of buzz yet again concerning liberal talk in the nation's capitol. As mentioned here back in October, Washington was mentioned as a destination for Air America. And most rumors pointed to Clear Channel's WWRC-AM (1260), which is currently a FOX Sports affiliate that barely (if at all) shows up in the local ratings.

The Washington rumor was mentioned again on AAR today. They claim that AAR will land in DC after the holidays. Los Angeles was mentioned this week as well, and even online radio trade site All Access is taking this seriously. Add to this some vague rumors about WSAI in Cincinnati, and you've got three intriguing situations going on concerning new affiliates for Air America.

Again, stay tuned!


Baltazar said...

have you herd air america is beating rush limbaugh
in all places they are both in?

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