Monday, November 03, 2008

Vote... for the Top Talker of 2008

One day to go.

Yes, it is almost here.

Hopefully, all of you reading this will fulfill your civic duty and cast a vote on national Election Day for the people you want running the government over the next few years and the various initiatives on the ballots, regardless of your choices.

Granted, faithful readers of this blog likely know where we stand, but much of what makes our country great is that we all have different opinions. And unlike places like Zimbabwe, where a hostile and suppressive military dictatorship intimidates anyone who opposes them at the ballot box, we as Americans have the freedom to vote however we wish. Your choices may not be the same as mine. That's fine. I accept that. But strip away all the silliness, stunts, smears and stupidity you've been hearing all year and cast your vote for the people you think would most effectively run your government over the course of the next four years. On Tuesday November 4, you're the boss. You do the hiring and firing.

Today, though, I'd like to share with you a different kind of vote. And you can do it right here, right now. You are all cordially invited to take part. Yes, it's once again time to prepare the “2008 Year In Review” here at LTR. To kick it off, please cast your votes for "The Top 10 Liberal Talkers of 2008."

Here's how it works: Scroll down the middle column. You will see 40 or so personalities and/or shows listed on the ballot. There's probably a few here that you've never even heard of. They were all picked from the listings in the center column. All the entrants from last year are included. Additional entries this year include some newer shows (Air America has added several this year), a few local personalities, some notable weekend shows and even some online-only hosts. And they are listed alphabetically in each bracket. You can select up to ten names. If you only have three, or five, or eight, that's fine. Please go through the list carefully, and vote how you see fit. And don't stuff the ballot box. This ain't Tammany Hall here. One computer/IP address per bracket.

The poll ends on December 24, Christmas Eve, at midnight. On January 1, 2009, the results will be announced here. Simple, huh?

In case you need a refresher, you can find links for each entrant in the middle column, below the poll.

So there you go. Determine the fate of the world. Vote.


Cat Chew said...

I like the expanded choices, but it's going to be a much tougher decision. Didn't have this problem at my polling place today. Cheers!

Lu Cifer said...

I STILL do not understand how pure CRAP like Tom Likesdicks, dOpie & Analthony, oxyRU$Hitler and his 900 clones, Boob & Tom, Licks & Turdy, etc., ARE syndicated, but NEIL ROGERS freaking IS NOT! What the HELL!!! I NEVER thought Randi Rhodes, who I've listened to since she was a rock DJ on the sadly defunct WSHE, would EVER get even REGIONAL syndication, but she DID it. Why can't Neil?! He's seriously the COOLEST motherfucker on radio, IN MY OPINION, and I say that knowing my fellow Stern fans will clown me, but if it wasn't for Neil, I'd NEVER have listened to Howard! Check out Neil if y'all haven't: AND SOMEONE PLEASE SYNDICATED HIM!!!

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