Friday, November 21, 2008

Back to Boston

Two years after the switch of Clear Channel combo WKOX and WXKS, it looks like progressive talk is slowly returning to the Boston dial.

WWZN (1510AM) is adding a local progressive talk morning show, to be hosted by Jeff Santos. Santos had previously hosted a daily hour-long afternoon show during the election season. In addition, the syndicated show from West Coast talker Peter B. Collins will air from 6-9P ET. Both shows launch on The Zone beginning December 1. Another syndicated progressive talk show will be added in January, according to the Save Progressive Talk Yahoo! group.

The transition, whatever there is of it, will be a gradual one. The station, for now, is still holding on to some of its sports programming, including "Young Guns Radio," will move from mornings back to the afternoons. Eventually, the station may go full-time progressive talk.

Unlike WKOX and WXKS, WWZN has a 50,000 watt signal, which is centrally located in the Boston area and covers the entire city proper. The station is independently owned, by Blackstrap Broadcasting, which purchased the station earlier in the year and also owns a station in the New York City market.


raccoonradio said...

More on WWZN: Boston Radio Watch reports that Santos & company are also buying the 12-3 pm slot (Thom Hartmann? Steph
Miller?) starting in January. So by then it'll be prog talk (Santos), sports, prog. talk, more sports,
prog talk (Collins) then more sports. Oh, and Collins might be pre-empted by college sports.

Domitype said...

I hope something happens - every time I visit Boston I really miss Air America, Nova M and Stephanie Miller. I don't know why a city this size won't support a "progressive/liberal" station, especially with the number of colleges and Universities in the area.

(I don't have satellite radio and I don't always travel with my computer for downloading podcasts...)

MJ-bos said...
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MJ-bos said...

Domitype- I live in Boston & travel quite a bit and it's maddening trying to find (much less keep straight) which station I can receive in which towns - or worse, which stations wouldn't work in a hotel room vs. car. Now I just podcast to my Blackberry and all is well (you can also do it to an iPhone or Windows Mobile phone).

raccoonradio said...

Reaction so far-- from liberals --has ranged from calling Collins' talk
"intelligent" (Joe Viglione) to calling Santos' show "dull" (SonicAl)
and "(not a) compelling listen" (Dan Strassberg). WWZN has a screwy signal at night and the progtalk/sports/progtalk/sports
schedule is really inconsistent.

Time will tell if this effort will succeed or perhaps some of the shows may find homes on other stations.

raccoonradio said...

I'll add Strassberg did call the Collins show good, while Viglione's
praise of that show came on the
Save Prog Radio Boston
yahoo group

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