Saturday, November 01, 2008

Spring forward, fall back, and stop the insanity!

Only three more days will occur between now and the end of this very long election season. Sure, it's been fun to follow, and it has been historic, but enough already! The finale can't come soon enough.


In the meantime, here's a roundup of some smaller stories crossing the desk...

Election Night In America

Election Night has been referred to as the Super Bowl for the news media. All of the major television news operations will be covering it, in addition to others such as Comedy Central. And viewers across the country can tune in to watch their favorite media types play with the latest in technological toys, such as touch screens and CNN's weird “Star Wars”-type holograph gimmick.

For those who desire a low-tech approach, radio is offering a wide array of choices. Most of the radio news networks, such as NPR, CNN, FOX, etc. will offer coverage.

Naturally, Air America Media will present their own in-depth coverage of the 2008 Presidential Election on Tuesday, November 4, both on-air and online.

Air America’s on-air election night coverage will originate from the Obama Campaign’s outdoor election event in Chicago beginning at 7P ET. Ron Reagan and David Bender will anchor from Grant Park, on Chicago's lakefront, and be joined by Rachel Maddow, Thom Hartmann, Lionel, and other members of the Air America team from locations across America.

Web site editor-in-chief Beau Friedlander will be blogging live on the Air America site throughout the evening. The company’s “MaronvSeder” daily live web video program will also present a special live broadcast to wrap up the evening.

“This is an historic election year, and the results are of paramount interest to our listeners, readers and viewers,” said Bill Hess, senior vice president of programming for Air America. “We stand ready to be the source for smart, witty, and entertaining commentary as news about this monumental political event unfolds.”

Sirius XM Radio also has a few tricks up their sleeves come election night, giving many options for their subscribers. Coverage will include special programming on several channels, including XM's "Oprah and Friends," "The Power" and "POTUS '08," which will be live at the Obama rally in Chicago's Grant Park and the McCain rally in Phoenix. On Sirius, the Foxxhole channel will feature coverage with namesake Jamie Foxx and his crew live beginning at 4P ET.

Sirius Left's coverage will be hosted by Mark Thompson starting at 8P ET. OutQ, Indie Talk and Sirius Patriot will also offer live programming that night.

And of course, there's all the rest...

Sandler's back

Former WINZ/Miami morning host Nicole Sandler drops LTR a line...

Hi.. .You've been kind enough to cover some of what's gone on with me in South Florida... I'm working at the very conservative 850 WFTL through Nov. 5, bringing the "view from the left" to their morning show, plus hosting a special 3 hour election preview show on Sat Nov. 1 (, plus I'm podcasting and blogging daily at

A vote of umm... confidence

Keeping up with wingnut media lunacy in the waning days prior to the election is like playing whack-a-mole. I say this after subjecting myself to a few minutes of “Hannity and Colmes” last night before my brain started to hurt. I swear, I actually lost IQ points in that short amount of time watching those idiots still rambling about Bill Ayers, as if it were bigger than Watergate. I changed the channel as soon as I saw the frightening Ann Coulter appear onscreen. I may go see the doctor today to make sure there's no permanent damage.

Many other sites track this nonsense, and I salute their bravery in doing so. But I will relay one item, which seems almost typical of the McCain media crowd, and it's from the Cincinnati Enquirer, by way of radio industry trade site All Access.

Bill Cunningham, perhaps the dorkiest-looking radio talk show host in the country, is back at odds with the McCain campaign, but is advising conservative listeners to "hold their nose and vote for McCain -– not because McCain will be another Ronald Reagan, but because Obama will be another Jimmy Carter." Uh huh.

Keep in mind that Carter failed mostly because he governed as an outsider, and was opposed by much of the Democratically-controlled Congress, who longed for Lyndon Johnson's Great Society approach to government. Republicans hated him, well, just because. And some rather hairy situations at home and abroad (i.e. Iran) in the late 70's certainly didn't help. Obama likely won't have many of those same problems if he gets the nod. But Cunningham looks like the type of guy who talks out of his ass without even pulling the big stick he hauls around out of it, so take it for what it's worth.

Anyhoo, you may remember this goofball from a rather embarrassing McCain rally appearance earlier this year. There, he pulled the xenophobia card, stressing Obama's middle name (Hussein). McCain repudiated Cunningham's comments, and the host tossed McCain under the wheels of the Twisted Talk Express and went off to sulk in front of his microphone. Cunningham may not think much of McCain, but he doesn't like the idea of a President Obama, so he proposed a barnstorming tour of battleground state Ohio with McCain joined by guys like Sean Hannity and others , much like President Bush did in 2004. McCain rejected the idea. Why? Hey, would you want to be seen with Cunningham?

"He refuses to work with the people who put Bush over the top in 2004. We energized the Republican base the weekend before election day," said Cunningham of the candidate. Cunningham did say something many on both sides can agree with, when he described the McCain juggernaut as "the worst Republican campaign in 12 years."

Apparently, Cunningham isn't the only one ashamed of McCain's campaign. FOX News Channel gave the ultimate seal of disapproval, 'accidently' putting the dreaded “D” next to his name in an on-screen graphic, which for them is the equivalent of turning their backs. Doesn't get much lower than that.

Or, perhaps the “D” will help round up more votes.

Turn back the clock

Finally, after this crazy year we've all been through, it's time to get a little rest. Tonight marks the end of Daylight Savings Time for those who observe it (and the time of the year I have to go through the show listings and figure out what times KPHX in Phoenix, in a state that does not observe DST, is going to run their weekend programming).

The bad news? It will get dark earlier now. The good? You get an extra hour of sleep tonight. Or an extra hour of getting liquored-up. Whatever, get some rest, and get out and vote!


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