Saturday, January 06, 2007

“Workin’ It” Is Movin’ It

Wondering where “Workin’ It with Jackie Guerra” is this weekend? Well, the program may have been shifted on your local affiliate or webstream, as the show has switched syndicators, moving from Air America Radio to the Jones Radio Networks starting today.

“Workin’ It” was launched in April 2006 by American Rights at Work, and is described as the first ever syndicated program devoted to workers and unions.

According to host Jackie Guerra, "Last year, working people and progressives cleaned house on Capitol Hill. This year, we’re moving in and Workin’ It will cover every minute of it. Whether you’re a janitor in LA, an office worker in D.C. or a teacher in Boise, we all want the same basic things on the job—dignity, respect, and fair treatment. Our show makes you think, laugh, and take action to bring justice and fair play into the American workplace."

The one-hour show debuts on Jones Radio Networks today (January 6) at 3PM EST. The show's website has listings of current affiliates, though some may have changed. If you miss it, you can also subscribe to their podcast.


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