Saturday, January 20, 2007

KFGO: Goodbye Rush, hello Ed

As hinted at a few weeks ago, Ed Schultz is returning to KFGO in his home market of Fargo, ND, and Rush Limbaugh is kicked to the curb, the station's new owner says.

Schultz, 52, plans to return to the Fargo station Feb. 1, to his "News and Views" talk show, which will air from 8:30 to 10:30AM, after a 25-month absence.

"In my gut and in my heart, I wanted to come back to KFGO," said Schultz, who also plans to continue his nationally syndicated "Ed Schultz Show."

"I think KFGO's place is to be live and local," said KFGO owner Jim Ingstad, 46, of Fargo. "You're not going to see any nationally syndicated shows."

Ingstad said he purchased KFGO and five other area radio stations for $14 million from Clear Channel Communications, which had purchased the stations from him in 2000. His law firm said the sale closed Friday.

NOTE TO READERS 2/2/07: As the station officially made the switch yesterday, many people have been inquiring into the changes at KFGO. Yesterday, this was the most accessed of all the articles on this site. Basically, displaced Rush Limbaugh listeners wondering what happened to his show (guess you know how it feels, huh?). For anyone in the Fargo/Moorhead area, drop me a line and let me know what's going on up there. What we do know is that Ed Schultz is now doing KFGO's "News and Views" as of yesterday, in addition to his national show. Is KFGO airing the nationally syndicated show as well? Or is KQWB (1660AM) still airing it? Did any other Fargo station pick up Rush? The stations' websites are no help, as they're pretty outdated and rather vague (KFGO's site still has the generic Clear Channel template). Again, let me know, and just to be fair and charitable, I'll even pass on information about Rush's whereabouts to the readers.


Anonymous said...

Clarification please?
Is KFGO taking Ed's syndicated show, too, or just the local show?
You talk about Rush (in the same slot as Ed's syndicated show) being dropped and the station manager saying no syndicated shows.
If KFGO is taking back Ed's syndicated show, then we have another station getting screwed by syndicator.

ltr said...

Hey, I'm posting all I know. What you see is what you get right now.

Jeremiah said...

kfgo is not doing the national show, only the local show

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