Thursday, January 18, 2007

Mike Malloy bringing "truth to power" to more affiliates

The Mike Malloy Show continues to grow, little by little.

As of last week, Malloy is on five affiliates - flagship KPHX in Phoenix, KQKE in San Francisco, KPTK in Seattle, KSAC in Sacramento and WINZ in Miami. This week, he adds San Diego's KLSD to the list, which will air his show live starting at 6PM. The bad news is that they'll only carry an hour of it, since KLSD is also the homebase of Air America Radio night guy Jon Elliot. Elliot's show originates from KLSD, so he is a priority for the station. Nonetheless, San Diego listeners now have the opportunity to listen to Malloy on their radios.

KPOJ in Portland is rumored to be Malloy's next affiliate. This is not official, though. KPOJ currently runs Sam Seder's show from 6-9PM and Thom Hartmann's nationally-syndicated show on delay from 9-midnight. Hartmann currently hosts the station's locally-oriented morning show.

And KDXE in Little Rock, currently operated by Nova M Radio, may start carrying Malloy soon, as they iron out some technical issues. According to Aldous Tyler at NonStop Radio, Nova M may pull out of their deal with KDXE this spring, due to a myriad of technical issues with the facilities. Whether the station keeps its liberal talk format remains to be seen. As always, we'll keep you posted.

Speaking of Nova M, they have recently redesigned their website, and added more user-friendly features such as message boards, and more streaming and podcasting links. You can see it for yourself here.


Anonymous said...

One hour is enough to create demand for Malloy in San Diego.
K-Acid can take their local guy on delay. Besides, who knows how long Air America will keep feeding his show. Maybe Frenchie will replace Elliot.

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