Thursday, November 16, 2006

Sports to claim another liberal talk station (WLBY, Ann Arbor)

After a few nationwide format flips involving the all-sports format, WLBY (1290AM) in Ann Arbor, MI looks to be the latest to jettison it's liberal talk format and will begin stunting with what it's calling an "all-Victors, all the time" format concentrating on the University of Michigan.

So, goodbye Air America Radio and Ed Schultz, and hello Wolverines. Liberal talk in Ann Arbor appears to be going the way of Brian Maloney's failed radio career.

The stunting format will consist of marching band tunes, "Michigan Memories" clips, and sports updates, coinciding with the Saturday's big game against Ohio State, one of the most famous rivalries in all of college football.

The format kicks off just after midnight on Friday, November 17. What format will follow is unknown, but is rumored to be sports.

After many years and many format changes, WLBY, a low-powered AM station with limited nighttime power, has made some inroads since it picked up liberal talk in 2004, maintaining a 1.2 share for the past year. The station is currently owned by Clear Channel, but a pending sale to Cumulus Broadcasting is in the works.

UPDATE 11/20: It looks like this was just a stunt.


Anonymous said...

The shot at that hack Brian Maloney is priceless. Well done.

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