Monday, November 06, 2006

RUMOR: Franken leaving Air America December 10

I guess this is as good a way to spread a rumor as possible but here goes.

According to What A Mockery!, Al Franken is planning to leave his midday shift at Air America Radio effective December 10. WAM got the information from KQKE/San Francisco's John Scott, host of their "Progressive News Hour". Audio should be up soon of the show, so I'll pass it along and either confirm or discard this rumor if need be.

Stay tuned.

UPDATE: Franken's not leaving Air America. Though he will take some time off during the holidays to perform with the USO for the troops in Iraq. We wish him well.


Jimmy said...

I e-mailed Al about a month ago and begged him to leave AAR and do a local show in Minneapolis instead. AAR has clearly jumped the shark and he needs to get exposure in local politics if he wants to have a shot at the senate in a few years.

Maybe he took my advice.

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