Monday, November 20, 2006

It was a stunt (WLBY is back)

A few days ago, WLBY (1290AM) in Ann Arbor, MI broke away from its liberal talk format and went into format stunting mode, featuring the University of Michigan fight song "Hail To The Victors" all weekend, in tribute to the legendary rivalry game with THE Ohio State University this past Saturday.

But it appears to be just a weekend stunt.

As of today, WLBY's (outdated) progressive talk site is back online, and appears to be airing the format. Since the station has no webstream, and no news sources have reported on this as of yet, it is assumed that WLBY will not be changing its format.

By the way, Michigan lost to Ohio State 42-39. Nonetheless, Michigan is still #2 in the rankings behind OSU. GO BUCKEYES!


Frasier Crane said...

Is the Mic in Madison just a stunt, too? A month and a half is a long time in advance to announce a flip.
The station in Portland, ME announced a flip a couple of years ago - got a lot of attention - and then said "never mind."

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