Sunday, November 12, 2006

Air America Radio programming returning to Inland Empire (KCAA)

Anyone remember KCAA?

KCAA in Loma Linda, CA (near San Bernadino) was one of the initial afilliates of the fledgeling Air America Radio network when they debuted in March 2004. They slotted in Al Franken and Randi Rhodes along with other programming, including morning host Don Imus and a host of others, including G. Gordon Liddy.

Over time, the schedule consisted of conspiracy theorists such as Alex Jones, religious shows and infomercials. Many changes have been made to the on-air schedule since. It got to the point that all hosts except for Imus were on for only an hour or two. Over time, Air America programming disappeared from the lineup. But that's about to change yet again.

KCAA, a low-powered daytime-only station, has finally gotten approval for nighttime service, as well as a tweaking of their daytime signal. Granted, their nighttime signal will me a mere 35 watts, to go along with their directional 1400 watt daytime signal. Nonetheless, this will allow them to schedule a full roster of whatever it is they program.

Pending schedule changes will include the return of Franken and Rhodes. In addition, Alex Jones "will be back."

Right now, nothing in regard to the schedule is permanent. Music-oriented and religious programming will have a place there. Then there is Jeff Rense, whose interest in the paranormal and supernatural have led many to consider him more Art Bell than Art Bell. His show will air midnight-1AM on Saturdays and Sundays.

A radio replay of "Meet the Press" will be on at noon Sunday. And Vince Daniels, Chef Piero, George Putnam and Barry Gordon will remain.

All this is still subject to change and will result in a fair amount of experimentation over the next several weeks with more announcements upcoming. The station will be "a work in progress at this point." And it sounds like they'll stick with the one hour snippets of syndicated shows.

KCAA will fill the void somewhat for fans of Air America, since the other Air America affilliates in Southern California, KTLK in Los Angeles, KLSD in San Diego and KPTR in Palm Springs have signal limitations in the area.


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