Saturday, November 18, 2006

Franken's not leaving, but he is going to Iraq

Okay, we can finally put this rumor to bed. According to Steve Young at Huffington Post, Al Franken will not be giving up his Air America Radio show anytime soon.

Right Wing media outlets in the know about liberal talk, reported the breaking "news" that Al Franken would be leaving Air America on 12/8.Newsbusters, Brian Maloney's Radioequalizer, and a number of other sites all gleefully reported Al's departure from AAR.

One right wing site announced that they only reported on the story because it could be "verified via the affiliates." Perhaps they got the info from the same guy at the Quake in San Francisco who has posted premature and inaccurate news of Al's departure in the past.

Yessir, they were right on the money. Except for a couple little things.

1. Al is leaving all right...for Iraq and Afghanistan on a USO Tour.

This is Al's third trip to entertain the troops in the war torn area. You know, like Sean Hannity and O'Reil... Oh, yeah. Better nix those last two. I forgot. It's only the ones who undermine the troops who head over to the front lines with our guys. The ones pushing to send them over...well, you know. Busy, busy.

2. While some have said he's leaving Air America, he hasn't. As Al told me last night, at this point, he's "made no decision on leaving the show." And it is up to him. Which means, as of today, when he returns, he could just as well be back at the Air America mike as begin a run for Senate or study the history of bakliva. Nothing has been determined.

So, if you've heard of Al's AA demise, even from some quack in the Huffington Post, it might serve well not to believe everything you read. It's kind of like believing right wing talk radio. You'll only get misinformation and quite possibly, lose an election. Better to listen directly to Al. And you still can.

Steve "I Stand Corrected" Young


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