Friday, August 07, 2009

The working vacation (can't afford the ranch)

Yeah, I know you're hating me right about now. I admit it, I've been slacking. Hey, like I said last week, it's summertime. Hey, our last President used to take the whole month of August off, and the only thing he missed was a memo claiming that terrorists were looking to hijack passenger jets and fly them into buildings. That's not all bad, is it?

Truth is, the real world has been keeping me busy. I find myself in the interesting position of looking for a new job (as the current one is going absolutely nowhere but backward). So, I've been pounding the pavement (and the web - neat how I can save the gas and just spread my resume with a few moves of the mouse). Should have something happening by next week. Wish me luck. Hopefully the economy will cooperate.

But you've been screaming for it, so here I am, back from the ranch and my 'working vacation'.

Here's the happs:

Maron keeping busy

Air America's "Break Room Live" webcast may have been cancelled, but co-host Marc Maron isn't picking at his wounds. As always, his standup comedy career is keeping him busy. In addition, fans will be happy to know that he will launch his own podcast in the near future.

Here's what he says in his most recent e-newsletter:

Thanks for the outpouring of email and support after the third firing from Air America. I knew it was coming. I was grateful for the gig. We did a lot of great stuff in the Breakroom. You can still see it all for as long as they keep the site up.

I'm sad they canceled the internet show. As hard as it was to be part of Air America's long slow spiral into irrelevance after the show cancellation I offered to do a radio show and they wouldn't have it. The place had such promise and vision once. I really thought it might be coming back. I guess we'll see. I wish them the best of luck.

Things are much better out here in the world of real show biz. I feel lighter, more free and fucking funnier. These feelings should last right up until the money runs out. Then I'll get really REALLY fucking funny. Just got back from Montreal Just for Laughs Comedy Festival. It was great.

I'm in talks with a producer to run Scorching the Earth Off Broadway for an extended run. The show is tight now and packs punch to the soul.

Soon I will have a podcast up on a regular basis. I am putting together the ideas and figuring out the best way to do it so stay tuned for that.

Jacksonville libtalk shuffles... again

Keeping up with Radio Free Jacksonville and their endless frequency dances is akin to the U.S. government trying to track the movements of Osama Bin Laden. It can be quite confusing. Or maybe I'm just not looking hard enough.

Nonetheless, Andy Johnson has done some frequency shuffling once again. As it stands now, Johnson's liberal talk programming can now be found on WJSJ (105.3FM), minus the leased-time sports programming, which will continue airing on WJXL (1010XL) and now on WFJO, which formerly carried Johnson's programming, north of Jacksonville.

Radio Free Jacksonville also formerly simulcast on WSJF in St. Augustine Beach and WHJX Baldwin.

WZAA to carry the Ravens

Air America's Washington, DC outlet WZAA (1050AM) has inked a deal with the Baltimore Ravens to be the exclusive D.C. affiliate for the team's broadcasts.

"I’m thrilled to enter into this partnership with one of the area’s most successful sports franchises. This is a terrific opportunity to reach Ravens’ fans in the D.C. area,” said Marty Sheehan, WZAA station manager. “To be able to partner with one of the premiere brands in the NFL is exciting for our listeners, advertisers and talent.”

Granted, D.C. is not the Raven's home turf. And the local Redskins pretty much rule the roost there (owner Dan Snyder is the owner of the former progressive talker in town, WWRC, and airs his team via his local stations). But with Baltimore so close, there are no doubt a few Ravens fans in the area.

Rose to be simulcast on radio

If you're a radio listener seeking out some newsy non-wingnut fare, you now have another option. Bloomberg Radio will air the audio of Charlie Rose's nightly PBS interview show as part of a new multi-platform deal between the network and the show. Bloomberg Television has acquired the rights to air the show in a "next-day international edition" with additional material the day following its initial airing on PBS, and Bloomberg Radio will also air the audio portion of the show weeknights. The deal also includes web and mobile aspects. The show is produced at PBS affiliate WNET-TV in New York.

"For the past 18 years, our program has been dedicated to the idea of good conversation across the spectrum of human curiosity. We now make it a true global conversation. Along the way, Thirteen/WNET, PBS,, Bloomberg, supportive underwriters and a dedicated staff have enabled us to reach for a true global dialogue that defines who we are and where we are. This new partnership with Bloomberg Television is a unique and powerful opportunity to introduce to a new audience the ideas, actions and people that shape our destiny. I could not be more appreciative and excited," said Rose.

"Charlie Rose is a rare fellow in the television business. He is a remarkable interviewer and tremendous journalist, and his show is 'a must see' for thought leaders and the most influential audience in the U.S.," said Bloomberg CEO of Multimedia Andy Lack. "Now Charlie's nightly program is destined to become a worldwide brand."

Again, it's not a liberal show by any means, but if you like solid interviews and thoughtful conversation, Rose is a good bet.


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wwrl said...

the ravens on wzaa deal aint too big. the games are on WBAL which you can pick up very clearly in that region 24/7. far clearer than wzaa in most areas and at night

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