Friday, August 07, 2009

They hate us for our freedom

There are many unhinged tighty-righties out there still bitter about losing the election. The radio pundits are the most ridiculous, doing all they can to topple President Obama, even if it means taking the country down with it. Why do these guys hate America?

And we all knew one thing was bound to happen. Some talk radio geek loses his shit and actually threatens the Commander in Chief. Whoops!

Turns out Bob Haa, who works for WWJB in Brooksville, Florida, got a visit from the Secret Service after listeners claimed that they heard him threaten President Obama. According to WTVT (TV) (FOX 13) in Tampa, Haa told a caller who was target practicing to "save your ammunition, don't be wasting it on a target, use it on the Administration." Haa denies the conversation went that way, and the station is backing him in the matter, while cooperating with the Secret Service.

Here's more from the St. Pete Times:

Haa, conservative host of the "Haa Wire" show on WWJB-AM 1450 in Brooksville, became the subject of an investigation after authorities were alerted to complaints that incendiary comments were made on the show.

"We're looking into what was allegedly said," said John Joyce, special agent in charge of the Secret Service's field office in Tampa. "We have yet to determine what was actually said that day."


Talk about the investigation started Friday, when Hernando County administration staffer JoJo DiViccaro started receiving calls about 10:15 a.m. complaining that Haa was making threats and racist comments about President Barack Obama.


Haa also confirmed Monday that he had spoken with the Secret Service, calling the investigation a "waste of time." The topic of discussion on Friday was health care, Haa said, and not Obama.

"There's one fruitcake in town out there trying to start all these rumors," he said. "I would never stand for anyone threatening the president. We do not have that kind of edgy talk on there."

Haa has previously faced accusations of using threatening rhetoric and promoting violence on his show. The Hernando County Sheriff's Office investigated Haa in 2001 after he was accused of trying to incite his audience to "act violently" against the County Commission. But the case was closed when investigators were unable to produce information proving those claims.

So, if spreading lies, innuendo, racist commentary and untruths isn't enough, now they're calling for armed insurrection against the government.

And they call us traitors. Sheesh!


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