Wednesday, March 07, 2007

A special note to Air America Radio stream listeners

No doubt many people who listen to Air America Radio via their various webstreams are frustrated, as they often seem to be non-functioning as of late.

Is it due to the new ownership? Too many listeners maxing out the bandwidth? Did they forget to pay the bill? Is it Karl Rove's fault? I highly doubt any of those are the reason, but what it all comes down to is, the streams just ain't working sometimes.

Keep in mind that it is still possible to listen to Air America on the web, even with all the streaming issues. Looking at the top of the left-hand side of the page, you may notice a rather large list of shows and streaming links. Looks something like this:

Sam Seder 9A-12P WebstreamWeb-based WWRL RealAudio StreamWindows Media Player StreamWindows Media Player StreamRealPlayer StreamWinamp StreamKPTK Podcast feed link

So, what is all this mumbojumbo? Well, the name (in this case the one belonging to Mr. Seder) is a link to his site, the times he's live on the air (in eastern time, to minimize confusion for all) and a whole bunch of cute little icons. These are not just icons, however. They are clickable links. And by clicking these, you will pull up either a real live stream or a page with stream links. The Air America shows listed all have the official feed links, for Windows Media Player, Real Player and Winamp/iTunes. But what if they're down? Well, I just added an outside link to the Air America shows. The second Webstream is a direct link to an embedded RealPlayer webstream from WWRL/New York, which is certainly better than pulling up that dreaded RealPlayer, right? The second Windows Media Player Stream icon denotes a direct link to the Windows Media stream for WWRL (though it may open up in another media player, such as Winamp, depending on your own computer's settings). These streams operate independently of Air America. And you can hear all of the network's shows live on that station, excluding The Young Turks. For their show, I'll add a link for WURP/Pittsburgh's mp3 stream. You can also listen to TYT live on other stations, including WXXM/Madison.

I plan on adding a few more links for other station streams. In the meantime, you can also check the various affiliates further down the page. Many of them stream live.

UPDATE: Sunshine informed me in comments that WWRL is also having streaming issues. Gee, must suck to be so popular, huh? Anyways, I added a few more live links (including some of the more stable CBS and Clear Channel webstreams), which you can check out to your left. Here are a few:

Sam Seder: KEUN Lafayette, LA, WPYR Baton Rouge (recommended stable stream!!!)
Randi Rhodes: WCPT Chicago, KTLK Los Angeles, KPHX Phoenix, Nova M Radio
Rachel Maddow: KPTK Seattle
Jon Elliot: KLSD San Diego

You'll also notice a new addition - weekend streaming links of various live shows. Enjoy!

Update 3/12 - Most of the inquiries received here have been from Seder fans. I discovered a new stream carrying him live - WPYR in Baton Rouge. It's a Clear Channel station, meaning that the stream is excellent. Highly recommended, and probably more stable than WWRL and KEUN. Here's the direct stream link.

Update 3/20: Air America has changed streaming hosts. Click here for new streaming links.


Aaron B. Pryor said...

Yes, I have noticed the sluggish nature of the stream, and the first place I thought to come to look was this site. Your reference has kept me connected with the Randi Rhodes Show the past few days. Thank you.

jonath said...

What you said about WWRL is true, except you left out the fact that in addition to not being able to hear The Young Turks, you will also miss the Mark Riley 5-6 AM Eastern time

ltr said...

I wondered about Mark Riley as well. It appears he is not on WWRL. Hence, I did not put any WWRL listening links next to him. Quite frankly, I'm not really sure what WWRL does in the wee hours of the morning.

I'm searching for some live links for early birds who like to catch his show. There's quite a few Clear Channel stations with webstreams, but I'll try to seek out some media player links (WMP, Winamp, etc.) for stations that air his show. I thing WCPT in Chicago fits this description.

ltr said...

Okay, I added some Riley stream links. You now have a choice of basic webstream (WXXM/Madison), mp3 stream (KRXA/Monterey-Santa Cruz) or WMP stream (WCPT/Chicago). This is all in addition to the official AAR streams.

Of course, there are many other stations carrying Riley's show, but these are just a few relative samples , each representing various stream methods (I didn't include an alternate RealPlayer link, mostly due to personal bias - I can't stand RP - but WCPT does have a RP link available).

Unknown said...

eya bud.

been here lurkin for a while.

WWRL went down here on the left coast a coupla hours ago taking my comp down with it 4 times.

(i'm persistent)

heres a superb Seattle station link you can add. it's been real consistent for years.

AM 1090 KPTK - Seattle - Homepage

gotta reggie but it's a quickie and you can use any email addie.

ltr said...

Hmmm... must be a lot of people logging on to WWRL. I added that one to the individual listing of show streams since they seem to carry more of the AAR feed than most streaming stations. There's a few more, but I'll have to do some digging.

As for KPTK, it's a very good stream (CBS does a decent job with their streaming). Same with any of the Clear Channel stations. They're web-based, but pretty sturdy.

Problem is that many stations delay certain AAR shows. Rhodes and Hartmann have many live clearances, but people like Seder get shifted around quite a bit.

Hang tight, y'all. This is a work in progress. I'll get links to more live streams up soon. Incidentally, you can just scroll a bit further down the list for a HUGE listing of individual stations. Those headphone icons next to them are links to station streams.

pinakbetdtective said...

Thank you so much for your kind service to Lionel listeners. When the only two streams I could find stopped working, I thought I couldn't listen from work anymore. I'm so relieved!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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ltr said...

Removed spam. Please do not post here with the intent of pimping your personal business. Thank you.

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