Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The one after Black Monday (updates updates updates)

I thought about suspending my blog until the resolution of our current fiscal crisis, but I figured I'd probably be even less useful than that decrepit, so-called grandstanding 'maverick' douchebag who foolishly thinks he can single-handedly save our country. Yeah, only 35 days until the "Straight Talk Express" drives off the cliff.

So, I will continue onward doing what I do. Here are a few things to talk about as our entire financial system crumbles around us...

Maron V. Seder to debut October 1

There's been vague mention of this for the past month or so, and the information is still, well, vague, but at least we now have a date for when all this vagueness will begin.

"Maron V. Seder," the new collaborative effort between Air America exiles Marc Maron and Sam Seder, will debut as an online video show on October 1 at 3P. Air America will also have a hand in producing and promoting the show, but so far, it looks like an online-only project.

So, what's it all about? Tune in tomorrow at 3P ET and find out.

Air America names digital chief

Shelly at Air America's PR department sends word that Michael Bassik has been hired by the network as their chief digital officer, effective November 6. The press release claims Bassik "is well known for crafting new, creative ways to use technology to reach new audiences. Most recently, Bassik helped build the nation’s largest online political marketing firm at MSHC Partners, where he served as the Vice President of Interactive Marketing. In this newly created position, Bassik will focus on Air America Media and its digital strategy, building AirAmerica.com into a leading source for independent news, commentary and community."

“Michael’s background is ideal to lead Air America ’s digital growth,” said Bennett Zier, Air America ’s chief executive officer. “As the nation’s leading online political marketing expert, he will have a significant influence on making Air America ’s online presence a superior, user-friendly, interactive experience for our viewers, readers, listeners and advertisers.”

Bassik directed political advertising strategy at AOL during the 2000 and 2002 election cycles, and previously held positions at The New York Times, The White House and City Hall in New York .

Scrambled signals

Okay, I've gotten a few emails from readers who claim that this blog is looking kinda funny. Namely, the outside columns are there, but there is no 'blog' to this blog. What the hell happened to the middle of this?

This has been an occasional problem with three column layouts on Blogger since I started using them. It was a bigger problem before I switched this thing to Blogger's new XML layout standard and the main web browsers out there (Internet Explorer and Firefox) updated to their current versions. The problem seemed to be more frequent with IE, but now some Firefox users are reporting issues with it. I do know that older versions of IE don't show this thing right.

Rest assured, all the content should be on the page. In some instances, the center column may be pushed down the page (not sure why it's still doing this). I played with the layout parameters and temporarily got rid of a few features, in the hopes that it will improve the situation. And I advise all of you to make sure your web browsers are updated to the most current versions.

I ask all of you reading this to do me a favor and post a comment below. In it, tell me what browser you are using (including version, such as IE7.xx or Firefox 3.xx). If possible, perhaps your screen resolution and whatever other information you feel is relevant. This will help in me figuring out how to fix this situation, which may go so far as to shift back to a two-column setup.

I have made few layout changes in recent weeks, but it is pretty irritating when computer code seems to suddenly make up its own mind about how to best show this thing. But


Brady Bonk said...

Sometimes a javascript you're running can cause this very thing to happen. If you have this problem, I would try removing your scripts one at a time and seeing if it resolves. When it does, you know which script is messing you up.

I'm in IE 7, 1024 x 768 and you look fine.

pureprairie said...

The middle panel is blank on my FF 3.0.3, text is visible on lower side though. IE 7 works fine.

Anonymous said...

I also see a large blank region in the center column with FF 3.0.3 at 1440 x 900 pixels.

ltr said...

This is weird. In the past, I have had few problems with layouts on Firefox, but plenty with old versions of IE. Now it's the other way around.

I also notice some of you are running higher resolutions, so that's not the problem.

One thing I don't like about Blogger's new formatting is that it sometimes screws with my scripts. I did make some adjustments, so hopefully, that will do the trick. I don't understand why these programs keep trying to second-guess me. I like to think I already know what I want.


Thanks all for your input, and I'd like to hear from more of you.

jonath said...

I view LTRadio using FireFox 3.0.3,
and everything on the page is fine, except the text is pushed way down to nearly the bottom of the page. It also happens in Mozilla 1.7.13

When I use a FireFox addon called IETab to simulate IE7 or use IE7, everything is ok. My resolution is 1024x768

NYLefty said...

I'm using Firefox 3.0.3 and Safari for Windows 3.1.2. I don't notice any improvements -- I have to hit my "Page Down" button NINE TIMES (in both browsers) in order to access the text in the middle column here. And the only reason I know to do that is because LTR pointed me to this workaround in a private email.

I junked IE a long time ago and am not about to go back to it.

grouchonyy said...

Safari 3

jfire7887 said...

I'm using IE6 on XP (SP2, SP3). Since your redesign, the middle column has (for me) always started at the point where the right column ends. P.S. The Recent Comments section in the left column has no entries as of this moment.

jfire7887 said...

P.P.S. Now I see the Recent Comments are back.

Jack Burden said...

Middle column is pushed down in Chrome as well.

Jafafa Hots said...

Firefox 3.0.2., 1920x1200, it's messed up for me.

Jafafa Hots said...

whoops, make that Firefox 3.0.3... though it was doing that same with 3.0.2.

ltr said...

Please be patient. I'm currently working on a new template to correct all this insanity. Hopefully, I'll have it up within a few days.

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