Monday, September 29, 2008

Progressive talk goes to the pumpkins

Keene, New Hampshire, a small picturesque New England college town that is also home to the world-famous annual Pumpkin Festival, will soon get its own progressive talk station.

WZBK (1220AM), owned by Saga Communications, will soon flip from adult standards to a simulcast of WKVT (1490AM) in neighboring Brattleboro, VT. Currently, WKVT is audible in Keene only as a somewhat fuzzy rimshot signal. The move will bring talkers like Stephanie Miller, Rachel Maddow and Thom Hartmann to a stronger signal in the area. WZBK also simulcasts on a small 250 watt FM translator at 103.1FM.

Station manager Robert Cox says “there’s been a lot of discussion in the community, and we think that having stations that reflect both the left and right points of view politically is good for the community and good for us as a business.” Saga also runs WKBK (1290AM) , which carries a conservative talk format.


FSL said...

Another Class D AM station in a small town NOT rated by Arbitron? Pardon me for not popping the champagne. What doth it profit a format to gain Keene and lose San Diego?

Meanwhile, AAR has a new webmaster (see below) and NPR has overhauled its website. Sounds like some people are starting to realize that the future of progressive talk - heck, the future period - is online.

RIP: Terrestrial Radio. 1908-2008.

ltr said...

Again, you are making absolutely no sense. Do you honestly think it's Air America that makes these decisions?

Do you ever think this stuff out before typing it?

I'm almost tempted to ban you again just to save you from further embarassing yourself, because you're certainly not helping your own cause. All you've proven is how much you don't know.

Perhaps you should just write your own blog. I heartily welcome the competition.

FSL said...

As Ronnie, Jr.'s daddy once said, "There you go again."

You don't even attempt to refute or debate what I have said, you just declare it invalid - ex cathedra.

Yes, I assume AAR made the decision to hire their new webmaster.

And radio is terminal. Radio, the technology known as AM and FM broadcasting, and the concept of broadcasting itself, distributed by whatever means. Which is it? You don't understand what I'm saying? Or you don't agree?

It would be nice to have a substantive reply rather than a Maloney-esque cheap shot.

ltr said...

You know, I would. Only thing is, most of the time, I have no idea what the hell it is you're getting at. Most of the time, it's griping, cheap shots and childish insults, and a few tidbits you evidently gleamed off Wikipedia, to make people think you actually know what you're talking about.

Ever give any thought to doing your own blog, instead of shitting all over everyone else's?

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