Friday, September 19, 2008

The cat killed my monitor (and a few other things)

Didn't have the opportunity to do an elaborate entry, as my mischeivous cat decided to climb up on top of my computer monitor and vomit in it, shorting out some circuits and pretty much ruining the whole thing. Thankfully, the place didn't go up in flames, though the smell is pretty nasty. I'll make this one short and sweet, as I hunt down a new monitor (perhaps a flat panel LCD?).

Strong numbers for Maddow on MSNBC

I was going to write a whole long thing about MSNBC, but time (and monitor) restrictions have put that on hold. Nevertheless, an update on the network's newest host, Rachel Maddow. After only a few weeks, it looks like MSNBC has a small hit on its hands.

On Tuesday night, the live airing of "The Rachel Maddow Show" was MSNBC's top-rated broadcast Tuesday night. It even unseated Keith Olbermann's "Countdown" as the network's top show that evening.

Maddow drew 1.8 million total viewers compared to Olbermann's 1.6 million. Maddow also outdrew Olbermann in the advertiser-friendly 25-54 demographic, taking 25,000 more young adults than her lead-in "Countdown."

Wednesday's numbers were also good, with Maddow eclipsing CNN's "Larry King Live" in all reported demographics. And preliminary numbers for Thursday show she barely edged Olbermann.

And the hosts of "Morning Joe" congratulated Rachel Maddow on her ratings success on Thursday morning. Joe Scarborough, who has sparred with Maddow in the past, had particularly kind words for her, saying:

TV folk are some of the craziest folk I know, as Krusty the Clown might say. But she is a good, good person. We probably don't agree on anything politically. But she's respectful of people, and it's great. File this under, one of those good people doing well."

A few more items for the weekend

  • The Minneapolis Star Tribune has an article about Ms. Maddow.

  • Speaking of Minnesota, incumbent Senator Norm Coleman must be getting desperate, as he tries to slime rival Al Franken with that Gloria Wise nonsense and wingnuts cream their pants. And none of this mudslinging is doing either any good, as it appears independent candidate and Jesse Ventura crony Dean Barkley is creeping up. Sad, really.

  • FAIR has a column entitled "The Myth of Pro-Obama Media Bias."

  • OMG!!! Social networking has overtaken porn in web searches! This is HUGH111!

  • Greenfield Named America's Funniest Host

    AllAccess reports that WVNJ/Oakland, NJ-New York morning host Sam Greenfield was unveiled as the "Funniest Host in America" at the NAB Radio Show in Austin Thursday morning. Greenfield won a national contest sponsored by Comic Wonder and was present at the convention to accept the honor.

    Greenfield formerly hosted mornings on progressive talker WWRL in New York.


    FSL said...

    Q. What happened to the last liberal host to have the highest rated program on MSNBC?
    A: It was Phil Donahue and NBC fired him.

    AlanF said...

    So they're sliming Al Franken because the company HE WORKED FOR had a sleazy guy in it, and Al "didn't do anything"? Geez. Can't wait until they go after the receptionists at Enron who refused to take on Ken Lay. By the way, the company DID do something about it as soon as they found out, which is more than you can say about Enron. They paid back the money and they got rid of the sleaze artist.

    Yes, definitely go for an LCD panel. Smaller, quieter, uses less energy. Says Energy Star: "In some cases, the energy-consumption of an average LCD display can be half to two-thirds of that for an average CRT. ENERGY STAR labeled LCD monitors can save even more."
    Also, I believe your cat would have a harder time finding a place to upchuck on it.

    ltr said...

    alanf -

    Having lived in Minnesota, I can tell you Norm Coleman is a complete joke. The guy got his ass kicked by Jesse Ventura in the '98 governor's election, for cryin' out loud (came in third). It took his opponent dying in a plane crash to get his current senate seat. Many polls I've seen don't bode well for 'Senator Quimby.'

    I was considering an LCD monitor. Actually, that's all there is available brand new these days, since CRT is basically obsolete. But I happened across a yard sale the other day, with a table full of computer monitors. Right in the middle of the pack was a spiffy 19" Samsung CRT. For a quick $20, it immediately went in the trunk of my car for the ride home.

    The new LCD monitor idea was tempting, but my next big electronics purchase will be the big screen HDTV I've been wanting. A computer monitor wasn't really in the cards just yet, and since so many can be acquired dirt cheap these days.

    Now, I just gotta cat-proof it.

    And now, on to the idiotic 'commentary' from Mr. Know-it-all himself, FSL -

    Q. What happened to the last liberal host to have the highest rated program on MSNBC?
    A: It was Phil Donahue and NBC fired him.

    Okay, I've seen a lot of really stupid, uninformed comments by you, but this one is definitely up near the top.

    Pretty sad when the only way you can make people assume you are 'smart' is by vague generalizations. Sadly, they just make you look like an even bigger idiot.

    Granted, I know that the vast sphere of your so-called 'knowledge' (for lack of a better word) is solely gleamed from message boards, tabloids, rumors and out of your ass. Then again, it must be an insecurity thing. After all, you're the only person I know of who brags about his high school SAT scores on the internet.

    FYI, here's what happened with the Donahue thing:

    1. The show got good ratings, but was too expensive to really work.

    2. The network was in the middle of an identity crisis. Then again, they still are.

    3. Most people there have admitted that the show just wasn't very good.

    FSL, I realize you're not as intelligent as you think you are, but vague generalizations never work. Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life, son.

    FSL said...

    Now, you're quoting Dean Wormer?

    You have your explanation of what happened. It's not Phil Donahue's explanation of what happened. I would have thought you'd have been one Phil's fans since he went to Notre Dame (I am pleased to report the other "Fighting Irish" got their butt kicked by the MSU Spartans this past weekend).

    Maybe a good laxative would improve your disposition. Or are you upset because Obama is managing, in the great Democratic tradition, to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

    ltr said...

    Why do you assume I really give a shit about Notre Dame? I've never even been to South Bend.

    If you want to insult me (and I know you really, really want to), then try insulting University of Minnesota sports. Then again, I know their athletic program is so bad, I could care less.

    Sad, with that ultra-high SAT score you keep bragging about that you can't find better things to post on blogs and message boards. It's like you want everyone thinking you're a complete idiot.

    Barbara said...

    Yeah, I don't know why right-wing fascists would bother trolling lefty blogs. Oh, I wonder if it's because they feel threatened? I certainly don't waste my time reading or trolling RNC-sponsored blogs. I figure that righty folks have a 'right' to prattle on endlessly unmolested by the likes of me. But, oh no, these 'angry white males' are never, ever happy. Nor will they ever be! Even if everyone agreed with them! I mean, those fools had The White House, The House, The Senate, and the Supreme Court and they STILL were ANGRY.

    Methinks that this troll either:

    A) Has no job and lives in his mom's basement, and spends his life posting refuse on the 'net


    B) Has a job with the RNC, in which he gets to harass hundreds of liberal websites.

    If (B) is the truth, I hope that this slob is being well paid, because regurgitating this crap endlessly on a myriad of websites has got to get boring some times.

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