Monday, August 25, 2008

Seder vs. Maron: The comeback?

It sounds like an idea so obviously stupid-proof that it almost couldn't possibly have come from the executive office at Air America Media.

Exiled hosts Marc Maron and Sam Seder re-launched their video podcast program last Friday, and to celebrate, offered up a big announcement. The two will be posting a new show every day between now and the November 4 election, as well as from this week's Democratic National Convention in Denver. And both hosts also stated that they have also been offered a new show on Air America - working as a team.

According to Rebecca O'Malley at The Resilient Rabbit, Maron claimed that the new show, which will supposedly begin in September, will included a number of creative humor elements as well as straight political commentary. Maron may even bring back some of his classic team from his old Morning Sedition show.

So far, that is all that is known about Seder vs. Maron. No time slot has been disclosed, though the most obvious shift would be morning drive, 6-9A ET, which is currently airing previous day replays of other Air America programming.


progutopian said...

'Bout time they recognized greatness. I really hope that they are not pulling our chains again. Maron, Seder and we Sedition fans have been f'ed over so many times that I find it hard to believe it will work out. If it does, it will revolutionize my morning drive but whenever they put them on - Thanks AAR, you really did something right. AAR still has it -Hartmann, Maddow and now Maron & Seder. Think I'll have to uncover my old AAR bumper sticker which is right next to my Maron/Seder sticker and renew my premium subscription.

RichT said...

These guys both create excellent radio. Their shows have been sorely missed and their return to AAR, either together or separately, would be greatly welcome and might begin to bring former and would-be listeners to the station that used to stand for all-day listening.

RichT said...
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Josh said...

I agree with progutopian...

I stuck with AAR and Sam Seder through all the show changes and schedule changes, just wishing they'd give him a regular timeslot at a time that was listenable and they disappointed me time after time.

I really have to wonder what's up with AAR's management when they kill Seder & Maron's shows, for crap like Press, Kuby, and Lionel. It almost seems like there's sabotage going on, because they turned a new, fresh, and addictive radio network into a boring, undefined, crapfest.

If Seder comes back to AAR, so will I.

ikea1dog said...

Having Seder and Maron back on air would be an answer to my prayers. They are witty, wacky, entertaining and two of the most clever guys I have heard on talk radio. In my attempt to phone Air America to lobby for Sam and Mark, I failed to get through. Pretty please somebody, bring the guys back.

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