Thursday, August 28, 2008

Reagan added to Air America’s RNC coverage

No, not that Reagan. It's Ron Reagan.

From the press release:

MINNEAPOLIS-ST. PAUL – Air America Media will be reporting live from the Republican National Convention, taking place September 1-4 in Minneapolis-St. Paul. Talk show host and political pundit Ron Reagan will join Lionel, Thom Hartmann, Rachel Maddow and David Bender, reporting on all programs originating from Minneapolis-St. Paul and co-anchoring the evening coverage with Bender. Programming will feature interviews and analysis with conservative and liberal opinion makers, newsmakers and members of the media/blogosphere.

Programming plans include:

• "The Lionel Show" (weekdays 9-12P ET), "The Thom Hartmann Program" (weekdays 12-3P ET) and "The Rachel Maddow Show" (weekdays 6-9P ET) will be broadcasting live from Minneapolis-St. Paul.

• "Convention: Special Team Coverage" airs all four nights of the convention beginning at 8P ET, featuring Reagan, Bender and special guests discussing the daily happenings on and off the convention floor.


FSL said...

Oh, brother. Now AAR has gotten in bed with a failed ballet dancer, a spoiled Hollywood brat, college drop-out, and the spawn of Ronnie and Mommie. He's been handed jobs based on daddy's name; but doesn't keep jobs based on his own complete lack of talent. Now he presents himself as a liberal to work out his mommie and daddy "issues." Is this really the best the AAR stumble bums can do? OK, based on past performance, it probably is (and he probably works cheap).

ltr said...

You do realize Ron Reagan has a ton of broadcast experience, don't you? He easily puts you to shame. Then again, the guy who empties the trash at Air America probably has more radio experience than you.

And yes, he's been a liberal for quite some time.

Besides, Reagan has been freelancing for AAR for a while now.

FSL said...

Wait a minute! You say experience doesn't matter in a presidential candidate. You've also said in that past you don't think it matters in a liberal talk show host.

Ronnie, Jr. would not have had those experiences if he had been somebody else's kid. He was hired for his name (just like his right-wing adopted half-brother). If he had really wanted experience, he'd have gone and gotten a job in Davenport, IA like his old man did.

The issue isn't experience. It's that this a Hollywood brat who acts like he's entitled to special treatment.

ltr said...

I never said anything about experience being required in radio. You did. In fact, even casual readers will note that I, in fact, beleive the opposite. And I know for a fact that you're more than a casual reader.

As far as I'm concerned, talent and ability will always reign supreme over experience. I worked with long-timers in radio who were truly terrible and full of themselves. I've also worked with young up-and-comers who just naturally 'had it.'

It all comes down to who can cut it.

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