Monday, August 25, 2008

Sandler out at WINZ

A major shakeup occurred late last week at progressive talker WINZ in Miami, as morning host Nicole Sandler has left the station due to contractual issues.

Sandler has hosted the show solo since September 2007 and produced and co-hosted the show alongside Jim DeFede in 2006-07. She also served as Promotion Director at the station.

The departure is a bit surprising, as Sandler's ratings have been very good. In the most recent Arbitron ratings survey, WINZ's morning show topped conservative talk rival WIOD in the same time slot among the core talk radio demographic of men 25-54, and just a tenth of a point behind them 25-54 overall, 1.3-1.4.

Sandler is currently shopping for a new job. And judging from the emails sent to yours truly, her fans aren't too happy. WINZ has picked up ABC Radio Networks' Don Imus to replace Sandler.

Meanwhile, Sandler's predecessor DeFede has apparently left his most recent afternoon gig at WFTL in Ft. Lauderdale. "Unfortunately I never meshed with the rest of the station so rather than continue working there, I asked them to buy me out of the remaining 14 months of my contract," said DeFede. "We were able to reach a deal this week and my time at WFTL is now over."


The Station Agent said...

Sandler is good. AAR should pick her up.

Lu Cifer said...

Contractual issues?! I don't know man, that kinda sounds BOGUS, but whatever, maybe it is.
And Imus! Oh you buttwipes at CC! RIGHTWING TURDS TO THE BITTER END!
Guess Bill Press's syndication fee is just SO much more!? Well, I guess now with Imus on WINZ, they can STOP calling themselves SOUTH FLORIDA'S PROGRESSIVE TALK!

aneasyweb said...

Nicole's blog is at
so visit and tell her how much we HATE what happened to her. I guess it's back to NPR in the morning again...

Lu Cifer said...

Thank you, I was trying to remember that link!

NYLefty said...

From Sandler's blog:

The future of broadcasting, I believe, will come through the internet. It's the great equalizer. No longer will we need radio towers and transmitters to get our voices heard. Wi-fi is already in cars. Not mine... but if you have one of those new iPhones, you can stream internet radio! It will be in our cars before you know it.

I'll start slowly. Tomorrow morning, after I take Alison to school, I'll come home and record a commentary, and podcast it... right here!

It may take me a few weeks, but pretty soon I'll have the capability of doing interviews and taking phone calls. I hope you'll stick with me through the journey.


FSL said...

Excellent, point, Lefty. Thanks for posting it.

The problem with radio broadcasters is their addiction to obsolete technology. They think the medium is the technology - not the content. They are repeating the mistake of the railroads when air travel and air freight became feasible: They thought they were in the train business, not the transportation business.

Radio is passing; and the broadcast model (as opposed to the on-demand model) is also passing. Those who realize their business is audio and embrace new technology will adapt and survive; those who don't will become extinct.

At one point, AAR talked about "new media" as the future of progressive talk programming but, unfortunately, they don't seem to be following through.

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